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#281- Yelp and the city

Like this California sky, Yelp is Clear and Bright.

I love Yelp.

And I love this message on Yelp website, “We’re passionate about connecting people with great local businesses. At Yelp, we’re bringing together world-class talent from different experiences, disciplines, and areas of study to produce a world-class product.”

As a journalist / writer, I always write what I want to share with people in the world, and I always want to help people, so I write, write, and write with passion.

Even free articles like Yelp reviews, I write Yelp review with passion.

Most of my reviews are 1-star or 5-star.
Because, again, I would like to help people, which means, I want people to go to “good (5-star)” place, and I want people (who got 1-star reviews from people) to improve them to “good (5-star)” business as well.

People should know about the truth of businesses in the city, and I want them to use their money for good business wisely and happily.
And me too, I want to read many Yelp reviews before I use…

#280- Ichinichi-Ichizen (一日一善)?

“Ichinichi-Ichizen” is a Japanese proverb.
“Ichinichi (一日)” means “one day” and “Ichizen (一善)” means “one good act”.
So, “Ichinichi-Ichizen” means “do one good act per day”.
I don’t have a religion, but I read the bible and do zen (meditation and act beautifully) every day.

Buddha’s tips for six good acts Be kind to others To keep a promise Be patient Do work hard Do self-awareness (Think over what you did) Do your best (Learn, Act beautifully, Live well)
I have been doing “Ichinichi-Ichizen (一日一善)” seriously for a little over a year now.

When I trash my trash at my apartment, I walk around my apartment complex and pick trashes (cigarette butts, crushed lemon, papers etc.) up in the parking lot etc. 
When I use restroom at supermarket, park, library etc. I pick trashes up and leave perfect clean (fold the perfect toilet paper point! ha ha…). 

The other day, when I heard the sounds behind me and I saw the guy by his skateboard was coming towards me, so I tried to avoid danger and let him comfortabl…