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#282- Shaniqwa Jarvis at Arcana: Books on the Arts

(Photo is from Arcana: Books on the Arts)

A fashionably popular photographer, Ms. Shaniqwa Jarvis has released her first book, “SHANIQWA JARVIS”.

This self-titled book of her photographs published by Baque Creative Press (Established in late 2017, Baque Creative Press is the new publishing division of the New York-based agency Baque Creative. The founder is Mr. Angelo Baque who is the former fashion director of Supreme).

Shaniqwa describes this book as a collection of her favorite photographs, a record of her 20 years taking pictures in New York, Los Angeles and London.

Shaniqwa’s friend and a PR expert, Ms. Stacie Gillian invited me to Shaniqwa‘s L.A. book launch and signing event on June 9th, 2018 atArcana: Books on the Arts in Culver City.

When I arrived at Arcana: Books on the Arts, I thought, “Where have I been? (I have been living in Los Angeles since 1990!) I didn’t know about this bookstore and this section of this area (8675 Washington Blvd. Culv…

#281- Yelp and the city

Like this California sky, Yelp is Clear and Bright.

I love Yelp.

And I love this message on Yelp website, “We’re passionate about connecting people with great local businesses. At Yelp, we’re bringing together world-class talent from different experiences, disciplines, and areas of study to produce a world-class product.”

As a journalist / writer, I always write what I want to share with people in the world, and I always want to help people, so I write, write, and write with passion.

Even free articles like Yelp reviews, I write Yelp review with passion.

Most of my reviews are 1-star or 5-star.
Because, again, I would like to help people, which means, I want people to go to “good (5-star)” place, and I want people (who got 1-star reviews from people) to improve them to “good (5-star)” business as well.

People should know about the truth of businesses in the city, and I want them to use their money for good business wisely and happily.
And me too, I want to read many Yelp reviews before I use…

#280- Ichinichi-Ichizen (一日一善)?

“Ichinichi-Ichizen” is a Japanese proverb.
“Ichinichi (一日)” means “one day” and “Ichizen (一善)” means “one good act”.
So, “Ichinichi-Ichizen” means “do one good act per day”.
I don’t have a religion, but I read the bible and do zen (meditation and act beautifully) every day.

Buddha’s tips for six good acts Be kind to others To keep a promise Be patient Do work hard Do self-awareness (Think over what you did) Do your best (Learn, Act beautifully, Live well)
I have been doing “Ichinichi-Ichizen (一日一善)” seriously for a little over a year now.

When I trash my trash at my apartment, I walk around my apartment complex and pick trashes (cigarette butts, crushed lemon, papers etc.) up in the parking lot etc. 
When I use restroom at supermarket, park, library etc. I pick trashes up and leave perfect clean (fold the perfect toilet paper point! ha ha…). 

The other day, when I heard the sounds behind me and I saw the guy by his skateboard was coming towards me, so I tried to avoid danger and let him comfortabl…

#279- Happy Spring!

How many do you walk?

I saw this sign on the street in my new neighborhood, it says, “Walk 6,000 steps a day to improve health and 10,000 steps a day to lose weight. How many do you walk?”

Between “TBS TV (Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.) news program, Road Rage, DMV, LAPD, CHP, Anger Management, Google, Cold, Gas range, A DIET BOOK BY YOKO FUJIMOTO, Senken-Shimbun, Agenda Long Beach Show, LA Fashion Market Summer 2018, Gas heater, TAX Return, Google, Google Play, LA Textile Show Spring/Summer 2019, LA Fashion Market Fall 2018 etc. (work, work and work… and sick and trouble… and work, work and work…and trouble…)” and “Descanso Gardens”… I have been walking a lot… really a lot… I walked 10 times of 17 miles per day (from my new apartment to Descanso Gardens round trip plus walking at Descanso Gardens) in two months.

My weight is between 80lbs and 83lbs, even I eat a lot (eat what I want) I can keep up my current weight (80lbs-83lbs).

#278- Hello 2018!

I’m still on my social media diet, but I just want to say “Happy New Year”!