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#277- Thank you 2017!

Change my home, change my luck, I have a good FENG SHUI again.

Since my previous blog post, I moved out and I’m super happy with my new apartment (with a wonderful manager/owner of my new apartment).

As a journalist, I’m good at research. When I decided to move out on Dec 1st in the afternoon, I started research apartments right away, and I found the wonderful apartment within two hours.

It sounds like a miracle, but I believe in karma. If we live well (with a good heart and honest attitude with people and things), we always have good luck.
My wonderful apartment has beautiful palm tree view (in the front) and mountain & palm tree view (in the back / I just needed to hide next door junk view under the window with a sofa!).

My room is in the corner on the top floor and nobody downstairs (parking lot). It is cheaper, larger, nicer compare to my former apartment.

When I called the manager/owner (Alice, her name is beautiful like her) on Dec 1st in the afternoon, she told me “nobody upsta…