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#275- iPhone X ?

I love my life no matter what.
My career as a writer, my sweet family and friends, my cute apartment, my people around me (including social media people), my body & my mind & my brain, my all belongings… I love what I have and I love what I do.
Last night I cleaned and polished my gas range & oven and refrigerator, it took 6 hours (I’m a clean freak).
My refrigerator is 17 years old and my gas range & oven is unknown (Because my apartment owner provided the gas range & oven to me and I didn’t ask how old they are. They look very old like my refrigerator), but they are very shining and look like brand-new now.

I always take care of things very well, so my sofa (19 years old) and my car (17 years old) look like brand-new as well.

I’m not a materialistic person, but I always appreciate what I have.

The other day, I heard about iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X... they look very nice and fancy.
But I’m still using an iPhone 4s and it looks like a brand-new phone. I think…