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#269-Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

Almost December?
Do I sound like my last post in August?

After New York and Atlanta TV location work, I am just done with Fuji TV project, I feel so happy that my daily life is back. 

I guess I am a super independent person and I don't want to deal with Japanese men’s world people who want me to say “yes” to everyone who pays me.

At this time I really realized that I love American people very much and I can fit well in here U.S.A. or I only want to deal with independent smart people in U.S.A.

On New York and Atlanta location Japanese men’s world people want me to say “yes” to them, but I said BIG “NO” to them, and I am very proud of myself.

To me money is just the number, to me beautiful heart is most important valuable thing in my life, if people just want me to work for money and there is no heart, I don’t want to deal with them.

Time is money, of course, but life is not for money. I prefer to live with good heart people and work with good heart people.

As I wrote in my previous post,…