#263- Happy 2016!

After I counted 3642 things in my home & car (which I called “Zen Cleaning”, read my last post. My special “Zen Cleaning” took 15 days), I welcomed the new energy and the new year 2016 in my life happily.


New calendar, new schedule book, new diary, new food diary (since 1986, I have been writing about what I ate for keeping my ideal weight [85 lbs] ), new slippers, new tooth brush…I feel so new & fresh for everything.


Good Feng Shui (I mean, good energy) brings good luck.


I don’t have a religion, but I have a faith, and I believe in spiritual universe power.


Year of the monkey started. I placed my lucky monkey ornament on the top of the book shelf in my living room.


Let’s have a lucky monkey year!

Happy New Year to everyone in the world!


By Yoko Fujimoto

Los Angeles

January 4, 2016

Copyright © 2016 Yoko Fujimoto 

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