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#269-Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

Almost December?
Do I sound like my last post in August?

After New York and Atlanta TV location work, I am just done with Fuji TV project, I feel so happy that my daily life is back. 

I guess I am a super independent person and I don't want to deal with Japanese men’s world people who want me to say “yes” to everyone who pays me.

At this time I really realized that I love American people very much and I can fit well in here U.S.A. or I only want to deal with independent smart people in U.S.A.

On New York and Atlanta location Japanese men’s world people want me to say “yes” to them, but I said BIG “NO” to them, and I am very proud of myself.

To me money is just the number, to me beautiful heart is most important valuable thing in my life, if people just want me to work for money and there is no heart, I don’t want to deal with them.

Time is money, of course, but life is not for money. I prefer to live with good heart people and work with good heart people.

As I wrote in my previous post,…

#268-Where is my summer?

Almost September?

Since June 27th, I have been working hard every day with newspaper projects and TV projects… I had only three days off for fun (4th of July & next day and August 21st) this summer…

Even I am still having a problem with a new neighbor (upstairs woman who is waking me up at late or mid night) every day since February 20th…I am waking up at 5:00am and working hard every day…

Even I had a mouse problem (mouse made a hole into my kitchen drawers wall and left droppings in my kitchen drawers) & a car problem (my other neighbor made some scratches/dents/dings onto my car by their baby & bags & door etc.)…I managed well with an apartment owner & maintenance guys…

My motto is “enjoy every moment”… so I enjoyed my summer with my work & problems, and I learned that sometimes “a perfectionist makes a problem”, but always “a perfectionist makes a perfect life”… yes, I am still a perfectionist, and no matter what happens, I am still care about the high-maintena…

#267-Kitson and KITROSS

I really think that the founder of Kitson, Mr. Fraser Kitson Ross is genius for marketing & business. He knows how to entertain customer, and he knows what L.A. is and how to enjoy L.A.

About Kitson and Fraser, I have written a lot on Senken-Shimbun and LA Celeb (their business closed, but it was a popular Japanese online shopping site), and I also made a story about Kitson on Japanese TV program (TBS TV).

At this time, I interviewed Fraser and wrote an article about Kitson, him and his new store KITROSS on Senken-Shimbun (major Japanese fashion business newspaper).

If you want to know about Kitson, Fraser and KITROSS, read below.

My translation (into English) is not perfect, but my Japanese article is more than perfect, ha ha…; )


Senken-Shimbun (major Japanese fashion business newspaper)

Article about Kitson and KITROSS by Yoko Fujimoto

Published on paper on June 27, 2016

■■”Kitson” re-started with “KITROSS”

■”Actually, I love L.A.”

■L.A. casual clothing and pop culture are the b…

#266- KonMari?

This morning I watched TV news program “NHK World’s NEWSROOM TOKYO” and saw the segment about KonMari.

I enjoyed seeing how KonMari organized some American women’s home, because I love cleaning and organizing (yes, I am a super clean/neat/organization freak) and I love to see people’s neat place.

And I feel good to see neat and beautiful things in the world.

But I was screaming “Kitanai! (Dirty!)” to the TV screen this morning because KonMari was folding shirts of client on the floor (people are walking by their shoes, floor is dirty)… I guess KonMari is not a clean freak ; )

I haven’t read KonMari’s book, so I don’t know everything about her method of tidying, but I can say this… we can tidy our belongings without throwing our belongings out.

Most of messy people’s problem is not organization, their problem is “bad shopping habit or bad shopping taste” or “wrong storage style”.

Messy people buy stuff without thinking (they just shop for joy for the moment), that’s why their home is very me…

#265- Happy Spring, Happy Birthday and Happy every day : )

I love spring, because I was born in spring.
Today in Japan (March 26) is my 52nd birthday.

I love my life, because I love what I do and have.
Today is an appreciation day to my mother and late father who gave me a life.

I love being me, because I am happy every day.
Today, especially I appreciate my family, friends, people and things around me.
Thank you for everything in my life.

To everyone in the world, Happy Spring and Happy every day : )

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
March 25, 2016
Copyright © 2016 Yoko Fujimoto

#264- Market Price at eaves Los Feliz???

Mr. Donald Trump said, “Location, Location and Location”, I agree with him.

But eaves Los Feliz apartment (I just left this apartment after I lived in this apartment for 10 years) said, “Market, Market and Market”, I don’t agree with them.

And I said in my negotiation time, "Condition, Condition and Condition" ; )

I had lived at eaves Los Feliz by AvalonBay Communities, Inc. (Former Archstone Los Feliz) for 10 years, and I had negotiated my rent with an apartment manager or a higher position person at eaves Los Feliz or Archstone Los Feliz each year, because I had so many condition problems (sewage leaking from the ceiling in the kitchen and living room, water leaking from the bathroom ceiling and wall, rain leaking in the bedroom, ants problem, car break-in etc.).

So my rent price was ok (I still think that they charge us more than the value of the apartment) until this year (new lease) negotiation.

Anyway they raised my rent $226 (15.5%) per month in my new lease (expire date w…