#261- Make money on SNS?

As you know, I have a monthly column on Senken-Shimbun (major Japanese fashion business newspaper) website which everyone can read for free.


If you don’t read Japanese, here is the translation for November issue of my column into English from Japanese.








Published on November 12, 2015 (in Japan)

Title of this column in Report+ : From L.A. “Make money on SNS?”

Writer: Yoko Fujimoto


There are many people in the world who are using SNS (social networking service) such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.


Especially in the fashion industry, people who are fashion brand’s PR, fashion blogger etc. post photos of fashion related items or write comments about products on Facebook, Instagram etc., and they actively use SNS as a marketing tool.


For example, recently Yahoo acquired “Polyvore” (Fashion SNS), people are considering SNS as a business chance.


Meanwhile, a “new Fashion SNS” born in Los Angeles. It easy to use, you just need to tap on the screen of smartphone. The “new Fashion SNS” called “FashionTap” (http://fashiontap.com) .


On FashionTap, when user post some photos of fashion related items or make up products, and people saw those photos and purchased them, user will receive some commission of products (3~35% of sales).


The founder of this SNS is Ms. Amy Roiland who is a fashion blogger (http://www.afashionnerd.com) . “When I saw some dresses and shoes on Instagram, I couldn’t figure out where I can buy them, and I was frustrated about it”, this is the reason to start FashionTap.


Users are fashion designer, brand, PR, model, photographer, blogger, boutique etc., users are able to post a profile by career, so this SNS is not only for shopping, if you are looking for a model or a photographer for your project, you can find them by this SNS. It’s very useful SNS for business as well.


FashionTap started six months ago, and now (early October) they have 10k followers and they posted over 20k photos on app, so far about 100k dollars’ worth of sales on the app.


Amy said, “I want users to receive some money or get jobs from their posts, I want everyone can make money on this SNS. My plans with FashionTap are to make it the number 1 fashion e-commerce app in the fashion industry! ”

Amy is looking forward to seeing the bright future.


Photo 1:

The screen of FashionTap. Page of Ms. Amy Roiland who is a founder of FashionTap and a fashion blogger

(Photo ©Amy Roiland)


Photo 2:

The page of a make up artist. We can check all make up products from this photo and purchase them as well

(Photo ©Amy Roiland)


Photo 3:

Here is how FashionTap looks on smartphone. They can connect with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

(Photo ©Amy Roiland)




By the way, this scoop is from Melange http://melangelive.com/ (Fashion meets Technology conference).

In September I interviewed the founder of Melange, Mr. Tom Keefer and I had attended this conference, I had a great time and got many scoops like this one (FashionTap).


The article about Melange in the newspaper version of Senken-Shimbun (major Japanese fashion business newspaper) came out on Oct 15, 2015. 

But I am sorry that I am not able to translate this article (about Melange) into English from Japanese, because this article is not on the website (the article is not free to read), and due to copyright & business issue… ; )




Did you enjoy my column?

I hope so.


Are you going to join FashionTap?

I hope so.


Here is my account on FashionTap  http://fashiontap.com/FromLAbyYoko

Connect with me on here : )



My profile is in a Photographer category on FashionTap, because there is no category of Journalist or Writer… And I am not a Fashion writer or a Fashion blogger ; )  And And… I think I am a good photographer, right?  ha ha…


Happy Fashion/Shopping Day : )


By Yoko Fujimoto

Los Angeles

November 11, 2015

Copyright © 2015 Yoko Fujimoto 

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