#258- No more guns & No more war please!


Two months ago, I had a wonderful TV project experience in Northern California, Oregon and Washington.


I worked with a major Japanese TV documentary program in Osaka, Japan, it’s called “Eizo ‘15” (http://www.mbs.jp/eizou/ ) by MBS TV (Mainichi Broadcasting System, similar to ABC TV, NBC TV or CBS TV).


Here is the company information in English. Please take a look at http://www.mbs.jp/english/   



We are working on the story about the Vietnam War deserters, and we are going to introduce how people (especially for veterans) affected by war, and war has been hurting many people’s heart & mind & health.


We interviewed two American former Vietnam War deserters and two American Vietnam War veterans.

The air date is August 30th in Japan.




Thank god… I researched about two American former Vietnam War deserters and I found where they are… but… one former deserter (Mr. C) didn’t want to see us at first, and the other one (Mr. M) disappeared (I found his latest home address, but he moved to a new place recently, so again, he disappeared)…


My mottos are “anything is possible” and “never give up”.


Yes, I negotiated with Mr. C and I found Mr. M on time, and we interviewed them on TV camera.


We also interviewed two American Vietnam War veterans who I found on the filming location by accident. They said “many veterans are still straggling with their life and trying to kill themselves everyday & everywhere” …


It was very sad to find out many sad things…




As you know, we (Japanese) don’t carry guns and we don’t into war because we have a deal with U.S. government (since U.S. dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese two cities in 1945).


Anyway after I worked with this MBS TV project, my thought (we don’t need guns & weapons, and we don’t need a war in the world) is getting stronger and stronger.



Here are two messages for me from Mr. C and Mr. M after we visited them.



From Mr. C’s letter:


Dear Friend, Yoko!

I thought that at 67 years old, I could not be surprised by anything even again.


Well, I admit, you all surprised me on Tuesday morning!


At no time during our short time together did I ever feel nervous, or afraid of bad memories.


The only thing that I experienced was the enjoyment of being in good and friendly company.


Thank you for all of the good food, good conversation, and for politely listening to my belief in our Lord Jesus.


Xxxxxxxx is a very quiet and gentle soul. I am so very honored to name him among my friends. I was also very glad to be able to tell him the truth about my experiences in the war. I know that truth is so very hard to find on this old earth. Now, I am very happy to have the opportunity to share with my old friend, the real truth.


Also, I had the chance to ask for forgiveness for any and all of the harm I had caused to all of the kind and generous Japanese people who sheltered, fed and protected me while I was hiding from the navy.


Miss Fujimoto!

You are very lovely, your eyes are so bright with the light of life!

Your smile is a joy to see. Your determination to get things done is very strong.

You are a sincere and devoted peace warrior!


I pray that you come to the cross and see what peace is there, for whosoever will believe! My favorite, most beloved word in all of the bible, because it includes me : ) !  (HAPPY) .


May God Bless you.

May God, in Christ, bring you close to him!


Your friend, always,




From Mr. M’s email:


I was so pleased to meet you. And as to your task, the day we met.


Having thought, after your interview. the question repeatedly, Why?


Why continue to speak Truth, in an Nation, of which tried to kill you repeatedly in Combat. and then when forced to flee, to place an death order on you. then to be tortured and forced to sign unread documents. being told that if you let be known, or write, speak, or allow published, any of the facts related to the case. you will get 21 Years in Federal Military Prison, "IF", not just killed. rather a life of, the threat of death, by your Government.


And although, you know most of what you thought, were truths of your Nation. were an, Abject Lies !


The alternatives were to do so in secret, as best one can, or could. false names. such as, Tsuj Emanon.  or in English. "Just No Name.


And to have joined opposition groups, to the War(s'). and injustices in the Civilian Prisons.


Having taken positions in a varied number of official agencies. to see if one man could effect change ? to find that the Torture of Inmates, and Patients in "Mental" institutions, and those for criminal insane. and in Juvenile institutions. to the point, of creating new criminals.  much as the way, Drones create new Terrorists.


And in the end, the system is so institutionalized. to the point of near impossibility of actual change. that the Racism and Prejustices and practices of Torture.  So long used. as to be an unspoken tool of the institution(s'). taken for granted, as it were.


It is a rather irony, that the disclosures of renditions, secret flights, and torture, Secret Prisons. and the like. being in the news as if it were something new. and we to know, this, and these things happen to me, and most probably 500,000 other men in very much like situations. some say, how can they keep such a large number of men, from speaking. or an groundswell of disent ? or the Secret getting out. Well, for whatever reasons. it has rather remained unknown within the U.S.A. . and to a greater degree, "Gitmo" like situations, and "Terror" an concept. now give rather wholesale acceptance of Torture. sad rather, is, are the symptoms of an Empire in Decay. imagine, how it most probably will get worse. and as it were, the barbarians are at the gate. "NO", they are within the fabric of the Nation. and the end, of the world of white privilage, or lucky sperm club. are near at hand. perhaps, I will not see it in my time. however. having seen the creation of criminal classes, and the torture of what might be called. lonewolf terrorists. or ? "Revolutionaries".  to not have come forward. somewhat baffels me. I would guess, it may, or might be a new manifestation, of National Social Change.


To risk ones life in the persuit of Truth, ? to retain the hope that America, Americans, are so much better than that ?


That the shining light on the horizon, be the light of good. rather than. evil and such ?


I guess in the end. to say, " I dont know " is as honest as I may be. due to the fact, this decline of empire, is unique, ?   only in the way, and means we have of making it InfoTainment?


Well, rather than go on, and express my lack of understanding, it will suffice to say.


Thanks for coming, and furthering the Decades of attempted truth(s). which have (has) consumed lives. of good people. dedicated people. and when one dedicates their lives to an cause, such as we. then we outlive so many terms of evil, institutionalized. such as Nations, or leaders, or agencies, in the End. ? Just a Guess, in the End


Always, a Friend





War doesn’t make sense… really. Right?

Life is simple... just be happy. Right?

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
August 19, 2015
Copyright © 2015 Yoko Fujimoto 

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