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#258- No more guns & No more war please!

Two months ago, I had a wonderful TV project experience in Northern California, Oregon and Washington.

I worked with a major Japanese TV documentary program in Osaka, Japan, it’s called “Eizo ‘15” ( ) by MBS TV (Mainichi Broadcasting System, similar to ABC TV, NBC TV or CBS TV).

Here is the company information in English. Please take a look at

We are working on the story about the Vietnam War deserters, and we are going to introduce how people (especially for veterans) affected by war, and war has been hurting many people’s heart & mind & health.

We interviewed two American former Vietnam War deserters and two American Vietnam War veterans.
The air date is August 30th in Japan.


Thank god… I researched about two American former Vietnam War deserters and I found where they are… but… one former deserter (Mr. C) didn’t want to see us at first, and the other one (Mr. M) disappeared (I found his latest home address, but he moved to …