#256- Emoji?


Do you use Emoji?

If you do, you will love my column on Senken-Shimbun (major Japanese fashion business newspaper) website.


Here is my translation of my column into English from Japanese.

Enjoy about Emoji :)



Published on June 8, 2015 (in Japan)

By Yoko Fujimoto

Writer in Los Angeles 


Title of this column: From L.A. “Emoji?”


When I attended men’s apparel tradeshows in L.A. such as AGENDA Long Beach Show, LA Men’s Market and VENUE Trade Show, I am surprised that there are many socks brands and they are growing more and more within six months.


American brands, especially the street fashion brands in U.S., most of the new brands used to said, “we are just starting with T-shirts”, but lately since 1-2 years ago, the T-shirts became socks, I mean these days socks is like a canvas for artists and designers.  Many for artists and designers are making art on socks.


Last month when I attended the Venue Trade Show I was surprised that “絵文字(Emoji” is as “Emoji” in English and people are using this word daily, and every sock brand explained to me, “these emoji socks are very popular for buyers!”


Moreover I was surprised about that everyone who is brand owner, designer and sales rep told me, “What? Emoji is a Japanese word? I didn’t know that!”


Why emoji socks are best-selling in U.S.?

The answer is, “In U.S. many people are using Text Message (similar to LINE which Japanese people are using on smartphone as short message) and they love to use Emoji on it, so they love to wear Emoji socks as well.”


By the way, iEmoji.com (which is introducing emoji info) introduced about the top three popular emoji in U.S., top three are #3- Face with Stuck-Out Tongue and Winking Eye, #2- Full Moon with Face and #1- Person with Folded Hands.


The reason of using #1 “Person with Folded Hands” is for “express to pray”, “to say sorry”, “to say thank you”, but some people misinterpreted as meaning “high-five (Japanese English as high-touch)”.


These days Japanese Emoji is a “universal language”, but there are variety styles of how to use, and it’s funny huh.


(P.S. 1)

The writer (Yoko)’s favorite emoji is a kiss mark.

And the writer (Yoko)’s favorite emoticon is this smiley mark  :)


(P.S. 2)

How about you? What is your favorite emoji?

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Just in case, if you don’t know  about this emoticon ;)   , this emoticon means wink :)

Photo 1:

At the Venue Trade Show. SAVVY SOX’s emoji socks


Photo 2:

At the Venue Trade Show.  ODD SOX’s emoji socks


Photo 3:

At the Venue Trade Show. 40s & Shorties ‘s emoji socks


Photo 4:

iPhone emoji list


Photo 5:

My iPhone Text Message. Here are the top three popular emoji in U.S.   

#1-Person with Folded Hands

#2-Full Moon with Face

#3-Face with Stuck-Out Tongue and Winking Eye


Photo 6:

The writer (Yoko)’s favorite emoji and favorite emoticon



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By Yoko Fujimoto

Los Angeles June 7, 2015

Copyright © 2015 Yoko Fujimoto 

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