#254- Dear Mama

Do you have something to regret in your past?

I don’t regret anything in my past.

But one thing, I am still thinking like this… about my late father…”I wish I could talk more with my papa before his death.”

I don’t remember when the last time I talked with my late father was and what we talked about, because I didn’t mention in my diary.

Only a few lines in my birthday card in 1994 (same year when he passed away) were the last letter from my late father.

We all will disappear. Of course, we all do. But when I think of my late father who passed away suddenly, I still feel hurt. I don’t want to feel this way to my mother, so I am talking with my mother often and talking a lot since my father passed away in 1994.

I call my mother once a week and write a letter once a month (my mother is good at fashion trend & food trend etc., but she is not into machine… like email & skype, so we communicate by the old-fashioned way… phone & letter).

Did you write a card or letter to your mother for mother’s day?

I did. Simple is best letter (short note)… ha ha…

Here is my letter to my mother.


April 30, 2015

On Mother’s Day…Again, Mama, thank you very much for everything!!!

Mama, I always all the time appreciate you.

Thank you very much for being my mother for 51 years.

For 51 years, long long time, thank you very much for being my mother, doing my mother and giving your love to me. Thank you so much.

Once in a while, I think about what you think about me as a daughter for 51 years.

I guess, people think of me like… “a super career woman and people can rely on me”, but for you maybe …“too much to take care of, too selfish, easy to angry” maybe? (ha ha…!)

I have been thinking for 51 years about you as my mother, being a mother is a hard work.

Probably you will say to me “I am not having hard time as a mother”, but I think that you always care or worry about us (me and younger brother) and can’t relax. I am sure that you are doing it naturally, so you don’t feel any trouble or hard things. I really respect you.

You are so wonderful that you’re relaxed and open attitude. You never lose yourself and you are living fully, and I really respect your positive attitude for your life.

Please live longer, longer for us.

I look forward to seeing you this winter or next spring!

Thinking of you on Mother’s Day.

Los Angeles


If you don’t have a mother (lost or never met), but you have a mother in your heart…

We all think about our mother once in a while, right?

I wish you that your “thank you” message to your mother will reach your mother.

And if you are a mother, “Happy Mother’s Day” to you.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
May 4, 2015
Copyright © 2015 Yoko Fujimoto 

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