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#248- Repurpose? (@SENKEN-SHIMBUN /daily newspaper for fashion business)

When I heard of the word “repurpose” from Mr. Phillip Dane … I was not sure what does it means…

Mr. Phillip Dane is a president of L.A. Event Co. ( I met him at the L.A. Flea Market at Dodger Stadium in July 2010. The event was held by him.

Last month, he opened the new style market. The key word is “repurpose”.

So…I wrote about it in my column on Senken Shimbun (major Japanese fashion business newspaper) website.

I would like to share it with you. Please read below (my translation into English from Japanese of them).

Title of the column: “Repurpose?” from L.A.


Updated on Oct 7, 2014 (in Japan)

By Yoko Fujimoto

Writer in Los Angeles

Title of the column: “Repurpose?” from L.A.


Recently, in the United States, “made in U.S.A. products” has been reviewed in all business area because of the impact of recession (promote employment in the United States) etc, and there are also many “handmade goods” for the purpose o…