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#245- “The Key to Beauty” from L.A. [Translation of my column] (@SENKEN-SHIMBUN /daily newspaper for fashion business)

I love spa…who doesn’t love spa? Right?

Especially I love Japanese spa (Hot springs / in Japanese, Onsen). If you have been to Japan and had an experience of Japanese spa (Onsen), you know what I mean.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, just ignore and keep reading my blog please :) Today I am going to write about “BEAUTY”. I love beautiful people and beautiful things… who doesn’t love “BEAUTY”? Right? *** Before get to my column, I just want to share my experience at ISPA (International SPA Association) media event at Beverly Wilshire Hotel. My “BEST 3” favorite places (booths) at ISPA were… #1: I had a nice talk & back massage at the booth of Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas Ms. Jennifer Lynn (director of spa at Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas) was fun to talk with. Jennifer: We need to know your body type & character for your treatment. Would you answer to this diagnostic questionnaire? Me: Ah…would you read it to me? If you read it to me, I am able to answer to these ques…

#244- Do you write letters?

I wrote 10 pages letter to my mother on last Friday.

And this morning, I wrote a letter to a stranger…

June 8, 2014
Who were at the swimming pool at 2:30am-4:15am today???

Dear people who had a party at the pool,

Please respect your neighbors, please!!!

You guys woke me up at 2:30am midnight. I asked you guys nicely to be quiet, but you guys ignored me.

Around 2:40am, I reported to Quality Security Service Inc. about you guys, but security guards didn’t show up… So I needed to yell at you guys. I am so sorry about that, but please understand that I needed to sleep. I couldn’t sleep back until 5:30am today!!!

Thank you.

Have a nice day!!

P.S. Dear neighbors, if you woke up with my voice this morning…I am so sorry… I couldn’t help it and I really needed to people out from the pool.

I posted this letter at four locations (inside of four elevators at my apartment building).

Of course, I have sent an email to our apartment managerand informed this situation (Our apartment office is not…