#240- My episode about car break-in

The other day when I was about leaving my home to the party, I found out that I am a victim of car break-in…

When I sat in my car (in my apartment parking lot), I knew something is wrong…because my car seat was moved by someone…and I felt someone was in my car…and then when I turned around…Oh… No… My small window (rear vent glass) was broken…

Before I made a phone call to L.A.P.D. or to my insurance company or go to my apartment leasing office, I texted to my friend who I supposed to meet and go to party & dinner that day.

Yoko: I will get there as soon as I finished my phone call to L.A.P.D.

My friend (Liza): Take your time.

After I reported about this car break-in to L.A.P.D. and my apartment manager, I was ok… even though I didn’t have a window in my car.



We (me & Liza) had a nice time at the party and dinner.

This is L.A…car break-in happens all the time…

And I didn’t want my friend to have a bad time with me, so I enjoyed the night with her.



But… when I came home, I made phone calls to L.A.P.D., insurance company and window company…

I was like… why me?

Before this car break-in… I was having a great week… I’ve got a $150 gift card from an owner of a company, I’ve got two T-shirts from my friend who is an owner of a PR company, I’ve got a designer bag from a footwear tradeshow, and I’ve got two dresses from my friend who is a fashion designer…I’ve got so much nice things from nice people. That’s why I’ve got car break-in?

The apartment manager told me, “Because maybe you are Japanese” (meaning… Japanese people have a lot of money…ah…yes and no… NOT ME…)



By the way, I didn’t know about the name of my car window… a small window in the back…

My friend Liza said, “Oh…Baby window…”

Oh…it sounds very cute. “Baby window”… (Liza is a very creative person, by the way)



Anyway here are my car window episodes…

Car window episode #1:

My insurance company (AAA) agent told me, “There are two companies to choose from, Safelite Auto Glass or All Star Glass.”

At first, I made a phone call to Safelite Auto Glass. I talked with Ms. J and Mr. AJ.

Why? I always do double check for everything.

I am glad that I did.

Ms. J: $222.80

Me: Ok… I have to think about it. I need to compare to the other company.

Ms. J: I can offer $167.86

Me: Do you guys come to my place with this price?

Ms. J: No… it will be $193

I talked with Mr. AJ for 15 minutes.

He is so nice that he gave me tips about how to prevent car break-in etc…

But his company price is not good…

Mr. AJ: $221

Me: I hope I can use your company service from you, you sound so kind and professional… but I need to save some money… so I need to call the other company to see their prices.

Mr. AJ: I can give you $162.86, but you have to go to the Pasadena office. If you need the service at your home, you need to pay $24.89 more.

Me: Ok…I will call you tomorrow.

Mr. AJ: No…I will call you.

He said that “Your window called Rear Vent Glass. Oh… your friend called the window Baby Window? It sounds better than rear vent glass huh. We should call the window Baby Window from now on.”

Mr. AJ was very nice. Yes… Mr. AJ called me next day, but I decided to use the other company service. I felt so sorry for Mr. AJ… Mr. AJ was a very nice person…

Car window episode #2:

I made a phone call to All Star Glass and I talked with Ms. M and Ms. R.

Both said same thing… “It’s $165.”

Yes, All Star Glass is for me!

After the repair service… I thought “I should’ve picked the expensive service”…because the technician Mr. B wasn’t good at his service…

I am a super clean freak & perfectionist + a happy & positive OCD person… so I guess… I made Mr. B crazy…

So I needed to make a phone call to All Star Glass again…”I am not happy with my rear vent glass”…

Car window episode #3:

Same day, the store manager Mr. Art Ramirez of All Star Glass (www.allstarglass.net  Phone: Gardena /800-733-1353) came to my place and checked what’s wrong.

Oh… Art is like me. He knows how I feel… He is a clean person.

He told me that he will order the new rubber part of my window, and he will re-install my window after he gets the part.

Yes, Art came to my place today.

He is so clean and professional (Of course, he is a store manager!).

He even cleaned the window and fixed some fine lines (I don’t want to have scratches & fine lines on my car…)

Art gave me a glass cleaner.

This is what I am talking about… It’s not about the money/business, it’s about the person/quality.

I believe that if people who don’t care about their stuff/staff/tools, these people are not good for anything. I believe that if people who care about everything (especially other people’s feelings), then these people are good for everything.

Anyway + Anyway, what I want to say is… “Life is short, so we need to enjoy with our favorite people, food and things.”

Are you having a good day?

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles May 5, 2014
Copyright © 2014 Yoko Fujimoto 

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