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#243- Malibu (L.A.) = Laidback Luxury [Sjobeck Malibu] (@SENKEN-SHIMBUN /daily newspaper for fashion business)

The other day, I had a fabulous, luxury and fun time with Garrett and JesseRay in Malibu.

Fabulous PEOPLE + Fabulous LUNCH + Fabulous CONVERSATION = Fabulous INTERVIEW

Fabulous PEOPLE:
Mr. Garrett Gerson
The owner of the “CALAMIGOS RANCH” ( and the founder & co-fashion designer of fashion brand “Sjobeck Malibu” (
Mr. JessRay Vasquez
The COO & co-fashion designer of fashion brand “Sjobeck Malibu”

Fabulous LUNCH:
Lunch with Garrett and JessRay at Malibu Café at Calamigos Ranch Country Kitchen & Bar ( was fabulous!!
I had a CHIPOTLE BBQ CHICKEN SALAD (romaine hearts, avocado, queso fresco, crispy tortilla strips, green onion, cilantro lime dressing). It was so fresh and delicious!

Talk + Eat + Talk + Walk (JesseRay showed me around the Ranch after lunch) = Special Lunch Time Interview for Senken-Shimbun Column
I really impressed with Garrett and JesseRay… “Good looking” & “Sweet” & “K…

#242- Miracles are everywhere!

I believe in miracle.
I mean...a miracle is not a miracle…a miracle is a happy energy’s result.

Today, I saw a happy miracle at my apartment building.

After I read some pages of my novel (the theme is love story in Newport Beach) that I wrote in 2010, I went to the fitness center at my apartment building to exercise.

I believe, my novel (there is a miracle in it) is a lucky charm, because when I read some pages of my novel, I always see a happy miracle.


Anyway, today when I was in the fitness center, I saw the apartment manager Mr. A and his new leasing office staff Mr. F (the manager Mr. A was training for a new leasing office worker Mr. F).

Wow! I am so happy for Mr. F!!
Mr. F used to work as maintenance & cleaning staff at my apartment building.
Mr. F has got promoted to leasing office staff.

Three weeks ago, when I saw his new hair cut (he cut his long hair), I told him...

Me: Wow! F***, You cut your hair?Looks nice!

Mr. F: Thank you Yoko!

Me: New look for a summer time huh!

Mr. F: Ah……

#241- Two articles in one! Ron Robinson at Fred Segal new women’s apparel store

Mr. Ron Robinson (a president of Ron Robinson Inc. is always sweet & kind and he always has a scoop for me!

The other day, he and a vice president/top buyer (Ms. Karen Meena) of Ron Robinson Inc. invited me to their opening party for their new women’s apparel store.

Mr. Ron Robinson launched the new women’s apparel store at Ron Robinson at Fred Segal at Melrose in Los Angeles.


At this time, I wrote two articles about this scoop for two publications.

One is for FASHION HEADLINE (new Japanese fashion online magazine by ISETAN / The Isetan flagship store in Shinjuku is considered to be one of the most influential department stores in Japan).

The other one is for Senken-Shimbun (the major fashion business newspaper in Japan).

FASHION HEADLINE article is available on the website at

This article is in Japanese, but you can enjoyed 40 photos on this page (please click on the photos below the article).


#240- My episode about car break-in

The other day when I was about leaving my home to the party, I found out that I am a victim of car break-in…

When I sat in my car (in my apartment parking lot), I knew something is wrong…because my car seat was moved by someone…and I felt someone was in my car…and then when I turned around…Oh… No… My small window (rear vent glass) was broken…
Before I made a phone call to L.A.P.D. or to my insurance company or go to my apartment leasing office, I texted to my friend who I supposed to meet and go to party & dinner that day.
Yoko: I will get there as soon as I finished my phone call to L.A.P.D.
My friend (Liza): Take your time.
After I reported about this car break-in to L.A.P.D. and my apartment manager, I was ok… even though I didn’t have a window in my car.

We (me & Liza) had a nice time at the party and dinner.
This is L.A…car break-in happens all the time…
And I didn’t want my friend to have a bad time with me, so I enjoyed the night with her.

But… when I came home, I made pho…