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#237- Between Pink and Orange

The other day (March 26th at 2:20pm in Japan / March 25th at 10:20pm in Los Angeles), I turned 50 years old.

My key words are “Forever 27” (as you know, an American chain of clothing retailers “Forever 21” is a copycat, so I did copycat their words).
And believe or not, many my friends say to me, “You still look 20 something”…!

As you know, most of us (Japanese) always talk about age.
Newspapers, magazines, TV news programs, TV shows… people write or talk about someone’s age all the time.
Our language (Japanese) is very complicated language (we have honorific language, humble language to use depends on their age or situation), so we need to adjust our language for people (younger than us or older than us) who we talk to.
Anyway, age is very important thing for us, but I don’t care about the number…

I care more about people who are honest or not.
When people don’t want to be honest with their age… I can’t trust this kind of people…
Why? Who cares what people think?
For me…I have a great…

#236- Beverly Hills = Queen Bee (@SENKEN-SHIMBUN /daily newspaper for fashion business)

Last week, I had a fantastic day in Beverly Hills.

I just met Ms. Lovey Dash who is a celebrity personal shopper & stylist, but I felt like I’ve known her long time.

Lovey is a very friendly, happy and lovely person. She makes people happy.
When I wrote her name wrong (I wrote “Lovely” instead of “Lovey”) in my email, I wrote her, “I am sorry, I wrote your name wrong”.
She wrote me back, “No worries Bout my name.Everyone calls me lovely!!!!!! I will meet you at BH conf at your designated time , if we don't float away with this rain.I am a New York gal and I m actually loving it!!!!any excuse to put on a pair of boots!!!!!!!!!!! see you soon Lovey”.

Sounds like a lovely person, right?
Yes, I was right. She is such a lovely person.

She said, “Shopping is experience!”
Sounds like a plan, right?
Yes, I was right. We had a fabulous time in Beverly Hills.

We walked, talked, ate lunch (I had a hamburger & French fries), walked, talked and had a cup of cappuccino & chocolate chip cooki…