#231- My 40 days winter vacation in Japan… Part 1: LAX = So L.A.

Happy New Year to you!

I just got back from Tokyo, Japan.

I had a fabulous 40 Days-winter vacation in Japan.


On Dec 6, 2013 (first day of my vacation)

At my apartment:

I always prepare everything perfect…but it wasn’t on Dec 6th

While I was talking to my apartment manager, the driver of the PRIME TIME SHUTTLE was waiting for me 30 minutes… (Of course… by accident / PRIME TIME SHUTTLE has changed my pick up time without my permission)

A poor driver, Richard… he waited 30 minutes for me… (AT&T cell phone is not good…my cell phone didn’t ring when Richard called me)

Richard was so kind. He could leave my apartment without me… he said “I called you three times. I was almost left, but you paid by the credit card, so I felt bad if I left. ”

What a nice person he is!

At LAX (#1):

I usually go to LAX 4 hours early for my flight. When I waited and sat for the ticket counter to open, I heard the nice & sophisticated woman’s voice (she was talking to someone on the phone). Her name is Suzanne. We had a nice small talk. She corrected my pronunciation (She didn’t understand what I said…“journalist”… Ah…my occupation is a journalist… I need to polish my pronunciation “journalist”… ha ha ha…!) She was also a nice stranger!

At LAX (#2):

Wow…Fred Segal, Kitson, Gucci, Coach… best of L.A. is on the floor at LAX. I said “Wow” when I was walking around the floor.

At LAX (#3):

My last meal of 2013 in L.A. was… Umami burger + Skinny Fries + Soda at Umami Burger! Wow…LAX! I was very impressed by LAX. LAX has everything what I like.

Yes, my last day of 2013 in L.A. was just perfect.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles January 14, 2014
Copyright © 2014 Yoko Fujimoto 

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