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#227- East Side (L.A.)=Alternative Lifestyles (@SENKEN-SHIMBUN /daily newspaper for fashion business)

Since March 2006, I have been living in Los Feliz.

I love East Side of Los Angeles. This area gives me the energy of “something different”.
The other day, my friend who is a fashion designer, Ms. Peri Donch (PERI invited me to her sample sale party at her apartment in this area.
Peri: We are having another fabulous sample sale party! Me: Sounds like fun like last time at Laura’s house. I’ll be there!

Peri: Great!

Me: And another great news for you! I can write about you guys in Senken-Shimbun! Peri: We would love it! I have so much to show you..!

Today, my new column on the site of Senken-Shimbun (the major Japanese fashion trade newspaper ) came out about this sample sale party.

You can click on my face logo on the front page of this site for a couple of days (A couple of days later, you can click on here at my column page
Only 600 words in Japanese… it’s a small column, but it’s a great scoop …

#226- Happy Crowd at GALLERIE SPARTA

My fabulous friend & Celebrity Psychic, Mr. Ron Bard ( invited me to Jane Seymour - Red Carpet Opening Night Reception at GALLERIE SPARTA ( on October 3rd.

Ron is a fun person to hang out with. He has many fabulous friends in town.
His great friend who is an owner of GALLERIE SPARTA, Mr. Stephan Sparta (he is also an architect & an interior designer has many fabulous friends as well.
I had a fabulous time with them at this party.
Ron, Stephan and Jane brought “Happy Crowd” at GALLERIE SPARTA.
Ms. Jane Seymour is so beautiful and sweet that she walked around and said hi to everyone.
She welcomed everyone with hearty shake hands.
Her paintings are amazing. Most of her paintings are flowers. (I love flowers!)
There are so many pretty pink in her art works. (I love pink!)

Especially, my favorite painting is “Portrait of Rose”.

Stephan: You can have the “Portrait of Rose”. It is only $ 2,950.00 an…