#216- Fall & Winter 2013! (@SENKEN-SHIMBUN /daily newspaper for fashion business)

Today, my article about L.A. Fall& Holiday 2013 Fashion Market Week in Senken-Shimbun (major Japanese fashion trade newspaper) came out, so I can write about it on this page.

I had a fabulous time at L.A. Fall& Holiday 2013 Fashion Market Week (June 10th - 13th) as usual.

WALK, TALK, EAT…my fashion market week is always fun.


In the morning on the 10th, I visited and interviewed Mr. Michael Cohen who is an owner of the showroom “Nine O Seven” at the New Mart, and he gave me a big bottle of Nigorizake (Nigori-sake / unfiltered sake)!

Last time, when we were talking about our favorite sushi bar and sake, OMG… we found out that we have a same taste of sushi bar & sake.

So Michael promised me that “I will buy a bottle of Nigorizake for you, and when you come to my showroom next time I will give it to you!”

YES! I am having a glass of Nigorizake right now :) Thanks to Michael!

And yes, he also gave me a scoop of his client’s brand “All Things Fabulous”.


Ms.Liza Stewart is a great friend, a smart owner of the showroom “Liza Stewart Showroom” at the New Mart and a fabulous fashion designer of “Butterflyzebra” (http://butterflyzebra.com ).

Liza moved her showroom from the California Market Center to the New Mart at this fashion market week, so I visited her new showroom. She always has a scoop and a great comment for my article.

At this time, I didn't mention her business on Senken-Shimbun, because I am going to write about her business in another article.

We had a fabulous time during the week as usual.

She asked me to sign onto their reception counter at the new location.

Yes, Of course, I signed with a message in Japanese & English. If you visit her showroom, please take a look at my orange color (Feng Shui lucky color for 2013) sign & message :)


I was wondering for such a long time… where is this nice smell coming from?

Maybe 5 years? …I was wondering, “Is that Korean BBQ lunch good?”

YES, the bakery serves Korean BBQ lunch on the second floor at the California Market Center.

I finally asked the owner of the bakery, “Do you cook Korean BBQ here?”

The owner (her name is Alice): Yes.

Me: How long does it take?

Alice: 10-15 minutes.

Me: Sounds great! You know what! I always smell your food for such a long time, but I have never been here… I would like to eat your food today! (I asked her around 9:00am! ha ha)

Then around 11:30am…again, I asked her.

Me: Hi again! I will eat lunch with my friends downstairs around noon, so should I order my lunch now?

Alice: Anytime!

Me: Ok…I have a chicken BBQ lunch box please!

I had my lunch with friends at my friend’s booth at SELECT TRADE SHOW at California Market Center.

The BBQ lunch box was… Chicken BBQ was so tender and tasty! Rice was very Japanese style (Korean style?) and delicious! Salad was very fresh! OMG… I ate everything!

It was sooooooooo good!

After my lunch, I went back to the bakery and I told Alice “You are a very good cook! I ate everything!!!  I will come back in August (next Fashion Market Week). Thank you!”

Alice had a nice smile and I had a big smile because of her fabulous lunch box!


Oh I was going to talk about L.A. Fall& Holiday 2013 Fashion Market Week.

Here is my translation into English from Japanese of my article. My editor in Japan said, “770 words (in Japanese) at this time.”  So, it’s a small article, but I wrote a big scoop again!

June 27, 2013 (in Japan)
By Yoko Fujimoto

L.A. Fall& Holiday 2013 Fashion Market Week

The needs of consumers is the key to success

L.A. Fall& Holiday 2013 Fashion Market Week held June 10-13 in fashion district in downtown L.A. Three trade shows held as usual and one new trade show BRAND ASSEMBLY held at the Cooper Design Space. This new show exhibited 28 high-end brands of New York.

There were many brands for the needs of consumers such as products made in America.

Handmade design accessory brand ”M.Cohen” (which has 30 accounts in Japan such as Ron Herman) is from L.A. Unique accessories made with silk, black diamond, leather, wax cord, sterling silver etc.

The casual brand “All Things Fabulous” (made in Venice Beach) is focusing on L.A. fashion trend which is a pajama into a street wear. This brand is very popular at Ron Herman, because it's made of brushed cotton made feel to wearing the comfortable used clothing.

There is another brand made in America, it’s a new denim line “de Chemin Jeans”. This brand is for consumers who want to have denim make them a nice hip line, flat belly and long legs.

30-40% gross margin ratio brand “State” also made in America. This brand is popular for buyers who love stylish recycle products. Smog style tops and skirt made by the used mens shirts. They have many pockets and they are easy to wear, that’s why they are popular items.

An owner of the Beagle House NY (they sell hat, scarf etc.), Ms. Yukiko Kawabata said, “There are many buyers who want to buy products made in Japan as well, because they are very good quality and shape.” She also explained, “Yen is good rate at this time, so we can spend our 20% profit for our production fees.”

Japanese bag brand “Classy Otome” is debuted at this time. They are made in Japan and made with Obe (the belt of kimono).

Next L.A. Holiday & Resort 2013 Fashion Market Week will be running on August 5th for four days.

By the way, I always think fast and I talk fast… and I think too far ahead in a good way :)

Yes, I already bought an airplane ticket of my winter vacation in Japan (Dec 2013 / Jan 2014) the other day.

Yes, I am thinking about Christmas 2013. It's like L. A. Fashion Market Week huh.

What do I want to eat in Japan 6 months later?

Sushi, Seafood pizza (I still can’t find it in L.A.!), Okonomiyaki, Yakitori, Croquette (special one from the old fashioned meat store), Ramen, Hamburger steak (looks like a meatloaf), Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ), Udon, Soba, Cream puff (Japanese style is much better!), Apple pie (Japanese style is much better!)… I can write about my craving more than 770 words :)

How about you?

What are you thinking about?

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles June 26, 2013
Copyright © 2013 Yoko Fujimoto

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