#215- Downtown L.A. = Restoration [The Park Showroom] (@SENKEN-SHIMBUN /daily newspaper for fashion business)

I’ve got a scoop by my friend Kimberly the other day.

And I wrote about this scoop in my column on a new website of Senken-Shimbun (major Japanese fashion trade newspaper, similar to WWD and California Apparel News).

Senken-Shimbun renewed the website on June 11th 2013 (This is also a scoop!).


When I visited the place (scoop!) in downtown L.A. with Kimberly on June 3rd, I almost fainted…because the showroom and boutique were still on construction for a new business…

In my mind & my face…“Oh…No…they are not ready for photos for my column”…but Kimberly has a nice smile…“Ok… her headshot works for my column…she is beautiful and she is from L.A. This column is about L.A. lifestyle, so Japanese readers will be happy to see her”… and the business owner, Eric is cute too…“Ok…his headshot works for my column as well.”

Then Kimberly looked at my face and said, “Yoko, my PR office / Showroom for stylists downstairs is open. There are many our products, same as our showroom, THE PARK SHOWROOM! No worries! ”

The interview with Mr.Eric Martin was great!  He is a very smart & stylish entrepreneur.

During our interview I was very impressed by him, because he was taking a note.

I used to work & write for Entrepreneur magazine (Japanese edition), so I interviewed many successful entrepreneurs in U.S. I could tell who is good and who is not good right away.

Yes, definitely, he is a fabulous entrepreneur!

This column is only 600 words in Japanese… so I had a hard time to write…because Eric and Kimberly have a lot of good news…

Anyway, I translated my column into English from my Japanese below. As always, if you have good English, please edit my translation into your comfortable English or your language :)

The original column in Japanese and photos are at http://www.senken.co.jp/report/oversea/yf/7480/ . Please click on my face logo (same as my blog logo face).


On Senken+

Updated on June 16, 2013 (in Japan)

“I Love Los Angeles by Yoko Fujimoto” (title of my column)
By Yoko Fujimoto
Writer from Los Angeles

Title: Downtown L.A. = Restoration

Recently, which area in L.A. is the hottest? Answer is downtown L.A. Since new spots of sports, theater and music opened, the renovation is progressing. Especially showroom building “The Lady Liberty Building” in the fashion district can’t miss it.

On the first floor at this building, the new business model by Mr. Eric Martin (who is an owner of The Park Showroom & new business) opened in June. The showroom + PR company (including showroom for stylists) + Boutique + Cafe & Bar = Four businesses in one.

Japanese buyers of Ron Herman in Japan, Isetan (very stylish department store in Tokyo), Tomorrowland (also stylish boutique in Tokyo) etc. shop at “The Park Showroom” (“M.Cohen”, “ZANEROBE”, “ORIGINAL PAPERBACKS” etc. total: 14 brands), and Boutique “Seven Points” sells 25 brands, including showroom’s brands, “insight”, “JACHS” etc. This boutique is special, they sell all collection of these brands, there are many tips about how to wear & be cool, and they have a free delivery service. “Seven Points” will open in this September (this release is the first in Japan on this page)!

Eric said, “We can enjoy outdoor and fashion both in here. L.A. is a great town for a good balance of business and personal life.” PR company, “PureConsulting” owner, Ms.Kimberly Goodnight said, “L.A. has many fun elements for business & pleasure.”

Photo captions:

The owner of The Park Showroom & Seven Points (www.theparkshowroom.com), Mr.Eric Martine. He said, “One word for Downtown L.A.?  RESTORATION!”

The owner of PureConsulting (www.pureconsultinginfo.com), Ms.Kimberly Goodnight said,  “I love L.A. because I feel HOPE.”

Two photos of the showroom.

There is a symbol of Statue of Liberty on the building “The Lady Liberty Building”.

Regarding the above photos, you can see them at Senken-Shimbun (http://www.senken.co.jp/report/oversea/yf/7480/). Even though you don’t read Japanese, you can click on my face logo, and then you can see photos.

(P.S. As you know, I don’t use photos in my blog, because copyright issue etc…I hope my readers are enjoying my blog without photos.)

Thank god… I always have luck!

Last week, during the L.A. FALL& HOLIDAY 2013 Fashion Market Week, I went to see Kimberly & Eric again… Wow! They made a showroom completely perfect!!!

I am so glad that I had a chance to take some photos of showroom “The Park Showroom”.

Eric told me, “we stayed up all night and we finished it”.

Yeah… I feel great energy & passion from him and his staff!  I am very impressed by their fashionably power.

Life is still fabulous.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles June 15, 2013
Copyright © 2013 Yoko Fujimoto

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