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#216- Fall & Winter 2013! (@SENKEN-SHIMBUN /daily newspaper for fashion business)

Today, my article about L.A. FallⅡ& Holiday 2013 Fashion Market Week in Senken-Shimbun (major Japanese fashion trade newspaper) came out, so I can write about it on this page.

I had a fabulous time at L.A. FallⅡ& Holiday 2013 Fashion Market Week (June 10th - 13th) as usual.

WALK, TALK, EAT…my fashion market week is always fun.


In the morning on the 10th, I visited and interviewed Mr. Michael Cohen who is an owner of the showroom “Nine O Seven” at the New Mart, and he gave me a big bottle of Nigorizake (Nigori-sake / unfiltered sake)!
Last time, when we were talking about our favorite sushi bar and sake, OMG… we found out that we have a same taste of sushi bar & sake.

So Michael promised me that “I will buy a bottle of Nigorizake for you, and when you come to my showroom next time I will give it to you!”

YES! I am having a glass of Nigorizake right now :) Thanks to Michael!

And yes, he also gave me a scoop of his client’s brand “All Things Fabulous”.


#215- Downtown L.A. = Restoration [The Park Showroom] (@SENKEN-SHIMBUN /daily newspaper for fashion business)

I’ve got a scoop by my friend Kimberly the other day.

And I wrote about this scoop in my column on a new website of Senken-Shimbun (major Japanese fashion trade newspaper, similar to WWD and California Apparel News).
Senken-Shimbun renewed the website on June 11th 2013 (This is also a scoop!).
When I visited the place (scoop!) in downtown L.A. with Kimberly on June 3rd, I almost fainted…because the showroom and boutique were still on construction for a new business…

In my mind & my face…“Oh…No…they are not ready for photos for my column”…but Kimberly has a nice smile…“Ok… her headshot works for my column…she is beautiful and she is from L.A. This column is about L.A. lifestyle, so Japanese readers will be happy to see her”… and the business owner, Eric is cute too…“Ok…his headshot works for my column as well.”
Then Kimberly looked at my face and said, “Yoko, my PR office / Showroom for stylists downstairs is open. There are many our products, same as our showroom, THE PARK SHOWROOM!…

#214- Fabulous lunches in L.A.

I love what I do.

I am a freelance writer and living in Los Angeles. I love my life.

On Wednesday (June 5th), I had a fabulous lunch with Mr.Ron Robinson who is a president of Ron Robinson at Fred Segal / APOTHIA at Fred Segal (Ron Robinson Inc.

He always treats me so nice, he is such a caring person. It makes sense that he is very successful for business life and personal life both. He has a wonderful family and wonderful business.

At the Fred Segal Mauro Café, he treated me lunch and we had fun chat before magazine interview. His son and his wife (Stacy who is a vice president of Ron Robinson Inc.) were together with us.

I was going to interview him during the lunch to save his time, so I ordered rigatoni pasta instead of spaghetti (easy to eat & easy to interview).

Ron is very kind and sweet, he told me, “Yoko, I make time for your interview, so please take your time to eat.” How sweet he is!
We (Ron, his son and Stacy) had a nice time. Conversation is pr…