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#213- PB&J and Mr.Toru Hashimoto

My last week was… deadline and deadline…deadline to deadline…from early in the morning through late night, I have been working and working and working…

I usually take good time (about 20 minutes) for breakfast. Listening to the classic music and I enjoy to eat breakfast without watching TV or reading newspaper.


My favorite time of the day is breakfast time.

Two slices of toast with butter & jam + Scrambled eggs + Salad + Café au lait

Two ham sandwiches + Banana + Vegetable juice + Coffee with a lot of sugar & milk

Two pancakes with a lot of butter & syrup + Scrambled eggs + Salad + Café au lait

A bagel with smoked salmon & cream cheese & onion + Prune juice + Coffee with a lot of sugar & milk

Two slices of toast with butter & peanut butter + Greek-style yogurt + Salad + Café au lait


But…my breakfast in last week was… Two scrambled eggs sandwiches (two slices of toast with butter & scrambled eggs & ketchup) or PB&J and Coffee (with a lot of sugar & milk) for less than 10 minutes… with pop music (I needed to wake up & eat fast & start work as soon as possible!).

What’s PB&J?

When I was working at Entrepreneur Media Inc. (As you know, Entrepreneur magazine is a North American publication that carries news stories about entrepreneurialism, small business management, and business opportunities), I found out what is the “PB&J” from my co-worker’s lunchbox.

Yes, I didn’t know about PB&J (peanut butter and jelly sandwich) until 1997 (Note: I have been living in U.S.A. since 1987).

Wow… A 2002 survey showed the average American will have eaten 2,500 of these sandwiches before graduating from high school (This info is from Wikipedia).

Anyway, I ate PB&J a lot last week.


In the meantime… I was super busy last week, but I couldn’t strongly ignore Mr.Toru Hashimoto’s comments & tweets…regarding “Fuzoku” (Translation into English from Japanese: sex entertainment business) and “Ianfu” (Translation into English from Japanese: a military prostitute or a comfort woman or an enslaved prostitute).

Mr.Toru Hashimoto is a Japanese politician and lawyer. He is the Mayor of Osaka city and, alongside Mr.Shintaro Ishihara, is co-leader of the nationalist Japan Restoration Party.

I wrote two tweets in English and seven tweets in Japanese regarding his comments & tweets.

My Japanese tweets were directly to Mr. Hashimoto, I hope he read my tweets…

My mother said, “what a waste of your time”… I guess, she is right… I am not sure that Mr.Hashimoto read my tweets or not?... I shouldn’t take time for my tweets for him, I should take more time for my breakfast. It makes sense… :)


Mr. Toru Hashimoto’s comment (#1): He has described as “necessary” the system by which women were forced to become prostitutes for World War II troops. He said on May 13th that the “comfort women” gave Japanese soldiers a chance “to rest”. “To maintain discipline in the military, it must have been necessary at that time” he said.

Mr.Toru Hashimoto’s comment (#2): He recently visited Okinawa in southern Japan and told the U.S. commander there “to make better use of the sex industry.” (Because there are many problems with rapists of U.S. troops in Okinawa, Japan). He said, “I told him that there are problems because of such formalities”. He was explaining that he was not referring to illegal prostitution but to places operating within the law. He said, “If you don't make use of those places you cannot properly control the sexual energy of those tough guys.”

Anyway, I just posted below my old tweets about him (in English) and to him (in Japanese).

My tweet in English #1:
Yoko Fujimoto(藤本庸子) @FromLAbyYoko 14 May
Why am I in U.S.A? Japanese woman is a tool for house cleaning, personal chef, give birth to a child and sex slave...

My tweet in English #2:
Yoko Fujimoto(藤本庸子) @FromLAbyYoko 14 May
Happy to live in U.S.A... Women and men should be equal :) Japanese politician calls wartime sex slaves 'necessary'


Thank god… Japanese language is very hard… When I translated my Japanese tweets into English… it took long time…! ha ha ha… :)


My Japanese tweet #1:
藤本庸子(ふじもとようこ) @USACALosAngeles 514
@t_ishin Dear Mr.Toru Hashimoto #1: In 2002, Governor of Tokyo, Mr.Shintaro Ishihara said “It is a waste and a sin that women who have lost their reproductive capabilities are alive” and In 2007, Minister of Health, Mr.Yanagisawa said “Women as birth-giving machines”. The other country’s people don’t understand the words such as these words and your “male-dominated society-ish” words.

My Japanese tweet #2:
藤本庸子(ふじもとようこ) @USACALosAngeles 514
@t_ishin Dear Mr.Toru Hashimoto #2: The Mayor of Osaka city and a co-leader of the nationalist Japan Restoration Party, Mr.Toru Hashimoto’s “Ianfu was necessary” comment like a “male-dominated society-ish” word is not going to understandable for many people in the world.

My Japanese tweet #3:
藤本庸子(ふじもとようこ) @USACALosAngeles 514
@t_ishin Dear Mr.Toru Hashimoto #3: “Simplistic, the critic think that Japanese sex entertainment business = prostitution business = sexual intercourse”? There are many erotic animation & manga which children can see in Japan (many people think this way in the other country!) and the sex entertainment business is a legally regular business in Japan, but it’s not for many other countries.

My Japanese tweet #4:
藤本庸子(ふじもとようこ) @USACALosAngeles 514
@t_ishin Dear Mr.Toru Hashimoto #4: I always surprised by many “frog in a well /person who is ignorant of the real world-ish” words by the old fashioned “male-dominated society-ish” people. Japan is far from the developed country (A gender equality in advance). This is the reason, why I live in U.S.A. :)

My Japanese tweet #5:
藤本庸子(ふじもとようこ) @USACALosAngeles 514
@t_ishin Dear Mr.Toru Hashimoto #5: If we are going to progress a “globalization” (to connect to people in the world) for real, you might need to understand the Japanese women’s feelings and situation. Please try to make a comfortable country for women same as men.

My Japanese tweet #6:
藤本庸子(ふじもとようこ) @USACALosAngeles 514
@t_ishin Dear Mr.Toru Hashimoto Regarding human rights #1: Do you also care for a Japanese women’s human rights? The Global Gender Gap Report 2012 reports, “Japan is 101st in Global Gender Gap Rankings out of 135 countries”. “Frog in a well-ish” words are not acceptable in the world. Especially, for U.S.A. Please face up to reality!

My Japanese tweet #7:
藤本庸子(ふじもとようこ) @USACALosAngeles 514
@t_ishin Dear Mr.Toru Hashimoto Regarding human rights #2: There are many cases like, the salary of “women who have a good career-minded & good balanced personality” is less than the salary of “men who don’t have a career-minded & have a bad personality”…I guess this case is only in Japan within developed country? Please face up to reality!


Just for your information, today’s my breakfast was… PB&J +  Scrambled eggs with cheese + Café au lait with classic music.

I feel like… I am addicted to PB&J :)

How was your breakfast?

Have a nice day!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles May 21, 2013
Copyright © 2013 Yoko Fujimoto

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