#212- Adidas Originals Jeremy Scott + Kozue Akimoto = Fabulous Fall/Winter 2013 Catalog/Video Shoot

*** Yes, I will be a translator!

Out of the blue, the celebrity manicurist Ms.Emi Kudo (She works for many Hollywood celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Janet Jackson, Anne Hathaway, etc.) asked me, “Yoko-san, would you like to work for a photo shoot project as a translator for a Japanese model?  I know this is not like your regular project or your regular fees, but it might be fun for you for a day? ”

Emi introduced me to a producer, Mr.Frank Roller at GLAMPR LLC (www.glampr.com). At this time, Frank coordinated the project of the Adidas Originals Jeremy Scott Fall/Winter 2013 Catalog/Video Shoot with a Japanese fashion model.

Many times I wrote about Adidas for Senken-Shimbun (major Japanese fashion trade newspaper, similar to WWD and California Apparel News) at Project Show, ASR Show, Agenda Show etc, but I have never written about Adidas Originals Jeremy Scott or met Mr.Jeremy Scott yet.

Sounds like fun!

Sometimes I work as a translator for this kind of project. I love photo shoot. Meet nice people, Watch nice things and Eat nice food, the photo shoot project is not like a job, just like a fun party.

Yes, Of course, I will do it!

*** Am I a journalist? or a translator?

Working with a fashion designer, Mr.Jeremy Scott and a Jeremy’s favorite fashion model, Ms. Kozue Akimoto, it was fun!

Due to a contract, I can’t write about the detail about the photo shoot & video shoot, but I can write something on here without scoops.

As I am a journalist/writer, I have a habit of asking questions… I couldn’t be a just translator… ha ha…

I needed to ask questions like, “How many items she will wear?” (Kozue will understand how much she need to use her energy for each cloths, she can adjust her energy, right?), “Does she need to jump with this shoes?” (Again, she can adjust her energy for her shoot) etc…

What if I am the model, I would like to know the detail before shoot, so I asked many questions for Kozue to a photographer, a videographer, a fashion designer, a stylist, a makeup stylist and a hair stylist.

I was trying to make Kozue happy & easy.

She told me, she doesn't have a jet lag, but she just arrived in L. A. a night before the shoot, so I wanted her to have a nice day!

*** One word… FABOULOUS!

FABULOUS PLACE: MILK STUDIOS (http://www.milkstudios.com/) knows what is the high maintenance of art work. A Fabulous place to work!

FABULOUS FASHION DESIGNER/ART DIRECTOR: Mr.Jeremy Scott (http://www.jeremyscott.com/) knows what fun for fashion. I love his colorful items. His clothes have been worn by pop stars and celebrities including Madonna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Gwen Stefani etc… A Fabulous Fabulous fashion designer!

FABULOUS JAPANESE MODEL: Ms.Kozue Akimoto (http://ameblo.jp/kozue-akimoto/) knows how she can be a sexy, beautiful, cute, pretty and fun girl. A Fabulous Fabulous Fabulous fashion model!

Like Attracts Like… Fabulous Attracts Fabulous.

*** Do what you love!

Moreover… I broke the rule… I am sorry, but I am a Japanese woman (even though I live in U.S.A. for 25 years)…I couldn’t drop her at the hotel without dinner… so I drove/took her dinner (Oops… she treated me for a dinner…).

TALK+ LAUGH+ EAT… We had a fabulous time at CHIN-CHIN (American Chinese Restaurant) in Sunset Plaza.

I told her that “you will be more successful in the world!” 

Then, after dinner, her fortune cookie said same thing what I said.

She wrote a wonderful blog about the photo shoot & video shoot at http://ameblo.jp/kozue-akimoto/day-20130510.html

Regarding the photos in her blog, 12 hours photo shoot & video shoot later, she still looked fresh & beautiful and I looked tired & old… I guess I am not a fashion model… ha ha ha…

Kozue and I had an amazing time. She is a very professional & cool fashion model, but she is very cute, fun and smart. It makes sense that she has many fans in Japan.

Anyway, we had a fabulous day in Hollywood :)

Life is fabulous!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles May 11, 2013
Copyright © 2013 Yoko Fujimoto

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