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#213- PB&J and Mr.Toru Hashimoto

My last week was… deadline and deadline…deadline to deadline…from early in the morning through late night, I have been working and working and working…

I usually take good time (about 20 minutes) for breakfast. Listening to the classic music and I enjoy to eat breakfast without watching TV or reading newspaper.

My favorite time of the day is breakfast time.

Two slices of toast with butter & jam + Scrambled eggs + Salad + Café au lait
Two ham sandwiches + Banana + Vegetable juice + Coffee with a lot of sugar & milk
Two pancakes with a lot of butter & syrup + Scrambled eggs + Salad + Café au lait
A bagel with smoked salmon & cream cheese & onion + Prune juice + Coffee with a lot of sugar & milk
Two slices of toast with butter & peanut butter + Greek-style yogurt + Salad + Café au lait
But…my breakfast in last week was… Two scrambled eggs sandwiches (two slices of toast with butter & scrambled eggs & ketchup) or PB&J and Coffee (with a lot of sugar &…

#212- Adidas Originals Jeremy Scott + Kozue Akimoto = Fabulous Fall/Winter 2013 Catalog/Video Shoot

*** Yes, I will be a translator!

Out of the blue, the celebrity manicurist Ms.Emi Kudo (She works for many Hollywood celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Janet Jackson, Anne Hathaway, etc.) asked me, “Yoko-san, would you like to work for a photo shoot project as a translator for a Japanese model?I know this is not like your regular project or your regular fees, but it might be fun for you for a day? ”
Emi introduced me to a producer, Mr.Frank Roller at GLAMPR LLC ( At this time, Frank coordinated the project of the Adidas Originals Jeremy Scott Fall/Winter 2013 Catalog/Video Shoot with a Japanese fashion model.
Many times I wrote about Adidas for Senken-Shimbun (major Japanese fashion trade newspaper, similar to WWD and California Apparel News) at Project Show, ASR Show, Agenda Show etc, but I have never written about Adidas Originals Jeremy Scott or met Mr.Jeremy Scott yet.
Sounds like fun!
Sometimes I work as a translator for this kind of project. I love photo shoot. Mee…

#211- 7 hours in San Gabriel & Monterey Park

The other day, I had a wonderful time with two new Chinese friends (Ms.B & her sister, Ms.K).

Just 20 minutes driving from my place… there is suburban Chinatown/ new Chinatown (San Gabriel & Monterey Park in Los Angeles County) and I had an amazing time for 7 hours.
I have been to San Gabriel & Monterey Park a couple times in the past with American friends and a Taiwanese friend, but I guess I didn’t have enough experience of Chinese culture…
Ms.B treated me for dim sum at NEW CAPITAL SEAFOOD RESTAURANT in San Gabriel. There were so many people (about 100 people) waiting for dim sum, but it was worth of an hour wait. They served us very delicious dim sum.
I had eaten dim sum so many times with American friends in Los Angeles or my Japanese family & friends in Japan, but I ate new items with Ms.B & Ms.K the other day. Beef Tendon and Chicken Claws…it was my first time to taste those…! Ms.K told me, “These are good for our skin!”…Oh…nice… :)
Now I understand how my Am…