#207- Happy food + Happy family = Happy life

As I wrote about “Food, Clothing and Housing” in my blog on March 3, 2013, I choose food out of these three important things in our lives.

I can trust people who love food, because they always have great energy and smile. They always make me happy.

Last Easter Sunday, I asked my great friend, Keasha about this. Keasha told me, “I’ve never thought about it, ahh… I think… I choose food!” That’s my friend! (By the way, Keasha is a super skinny beautiful woman! She is skinnier than me! My weight is 83 lbs., by the way.)


I had a great time at Keasha’s mom’s house for Easter dinner party last Sunday.

We (16 people) had a nice dinner. I am very appreciating that Keasha is always including me for her family events. I am the only one who is a friend in the party, but I am an “Auntie Yoko” for Keasha & John’s sons. I love that!  I feel an “auntie” in her family.

They always have a lot of delicious food!

Smoked turkey, White fish, many kind of Vegetable dishes, Macaroni & Cheese, Fruit salad, Bread, Deviled eggs, Peach pie, Cheese cake, Strawberry sponge cake, Apple cider etc…

I love Keasha's macaroni & cheese. Soooooooo good! When I saw she came into the house, I saw her macaroni & cheese before I saw her baby… and I said, “Yes! I am happy!”  Oops… I was only thinking of that macaroni & cheese at that moment! ha ha…

And I love Keasha’s mom (Galia)’s deviled egg!

Galia asked me “Yoko, would you like to bring some deviled eggs home?” 

Me: YES! YES! YES!!!

Galia: Did I give you a recipe of deviled egg?

Me: Yes… ah… long time ago…

Galis: Just eat my deviled eggs when you come to my home.


Happy food and Happy family make life Happy.

I am glad that I know a happy family.

After Easter dinner, when I came home I called my mom in Tokyo, Japan. I always talk about everything about my life to her, and she is always happy for me. And my funny younger brother always makes me laugh.

Yes, I have a happy family myself as well.

I hope you are having fun with your family & friends in your life.


By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles April 3, 2013
Copyright © 2013 Yoko Fujimoto

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