#210- Am I a psychic or an actress?

******** Am I a psychic?

A couple of months ago, I was at the fashion trade show “D&A” for my work (write for a Japanese fashion trade newspaper) and I met a beautiful woman.

This beautiful woman was at the front at D&A.

I asked her, “how do you make beautiful hair style like this?  It looks amazing!”

The beautiful woman: Oh… thank you. It’s easy to do it.

Me: Oh… I love your hair style!  You look like an actress!

The beautiful woman: Oh… I’m actually an actress!

Me: Wow, I knew it!!!

I am a psychic sometimes. I always have a good instinct, especially for people.

The beautiful woman…her name is Anne Schmidt. She is an actress (www.imdb.me/anneschmidt ).

The other day, Anne had sent me a nice email ,and she invited me to a play “BURN THIS” (by Lanford Wilson directed by Holly Gagnier & starring Jim Parrack) at PLAYHOUSE WEST (http://playhousewest.net/repertory-theater/ ).

Today I went to see this play “BURN THIS”.

Jim Parrack, Anne Schmidt, Phillip Pruitt and Lincoln Hoppe were great. I enjoyed the play very much.

They did well.

Especially, Anne is a really talented actress. She did a great job.

The story is very realistic and simple, but romantic and moving.

Love is beautiful, I felt strongly after I saw this play.

******** Am I an actress?

I used to act at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in West Hollywood long time ago (When I was in 20 something)… so I know how to act…

Today at the theater, I had to act…

When I was standing and waiting outside of the theater before the play, a nice guy started talking to me and asked me, “Are you single?”

I had to act (pretend) … like…I was mishearing (Circumstances may justify a lie, right?)… and I said, “Oh… I am a writer!”

The guy: Oh… you are a writer!  You are so beautiful!  Are you single?

Me: Ah… yes, I am single. (I couldn’t lie to this guy… I guess, I am not a good actress…!)

And the guy asked me out…Oh… no… Oh… yes! It’s time to go to inside and get the seat! My seat was reserved by Anne, so I told him… “I have to go now”…


During the intermission, I was in the line for the bathroom…The guy came up to me and he was very kind again… he said to me, “You are very beautiful! Kawaii!”  Oh… he made my day… but… I like being alone right now… ha ha…


Three hours and a half later…I went to outside and I saw the guy…the guy was outside… I wanted to wait for Anne and tell her, “Thank you, you did a great job, and good night!”… but…I thought I should leave right away…

The guy: Hey, what are you going to do tonight?

Me: Oh… I have to work (shoot… today is Sunday…Oops…)… I mean I am going to write (Yes, I am writing this blog right now, so I didn’t lie to him 100%…maybe 80% I lied to him)…

The guy: I hope I am hearing from you!  (he gave me his business card…)

I couldn’t act 100% perfect (I guess, I am not a good actress)... I am sure that the guy got my message… “I can’t go out with you”…

Today’s play (BURN THIS) was happy ending, but my real life story wasn’t happy ending with the guy…


Now, I feel like… I want to write a “simple, but beautiful” love story… yes, I am alone at home and I am writing happy.

Most of my day is happy ending by myself :)

How was your day?  I hope you had a happy ending day too :)

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles April 21, 2013
Copyright © 2013 Yoko Fujimoto

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