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#206- Facebook spring cleaning…

Do you know these words?

Faceboogle, Facebook-ADD, Facebook Bitch, Facebook Chicken, Facebook Depression, Facebook Effect, Facebook Facelift, Facebook Ghost, Facebook Honeymoon, Facebookism, Facebook Jesus, Facebook Karma, Facebook Living, Facebook Mondays, Facebook Ninja, Facebook OCD, Facebook Philosopher, Facebook Quality, Facebook Refreshment, Facebook Spring Cleaning, Facebook Therapy, Facebook Unofficial, Facebook Vacation, Facebook Weatherman, Facebook Yes, Facebook Zombie…
There are so many new words on Urban Dictionary regarding the Facebook.
*** By the way, do you use Facebook?

I have two pages (English page / since September 2008 & Japanese page / since December 2012).
Since three months ago, I started using both pages often.
And…the other day (during the dinner conversation, face to face), my Japanese acquaintance (I met her three times through my other acquaintance) told me, your “have a nice day” messages on facebook are so annoying.
I was very surprised by her words… Reall…

#205- Thinking of Japan on March 11…

March 11, 2011… I never forget what happened in Japan.

Since two years ago, I wrote 5 posts about my thoughts regarding the Japan earthquake & Tsunami on March 11, 2011.
If you want, please read my 5 posts below.
#1- My heart goes out to Japan, my country / 9.0-magnitude Japan earthquake & TsunamiOn March 12, 2011
#2- Don’t cry…smile please

On March 15, 2011
#3- To my people, Japanese people

米国より東日本大震災(東北地方太平洋沖地震)被災者および日本の皆様へメッセージ / 海外セレブからのお見舞い&応援メッセージ -Pray for Japan(日本に祈りを捧げます)-
On March 18, 2011
#4- Thank you for your support for Japan disaster

On March 31, 2011
#5- What I Learned from the Japan Disaster

On February 22, 2012…

#204- Food, Clothing and Housing

The other day, during the brunch with my friend M, we talked about the “priority of our lives”.

Food, clothing and housing are the basis of life.
In Japan, we (Japanese people) call “E - Shoku - Ju” about the basis of life.
E = Clothing
Shoku = Food
Ju = Housing
I guess, many Japanese people care about clothing more than housing. As you know, many Japanese people are very stylish, but they live in the small places in Japan.
And we (Japanese people) really care about the quality of things, especially for food.
That’s why we are very sensitive & polite people in the world. (Oops, I forgot about that I was going to talk about the humble Japanese people & culture… maybe next time…ha ha…)
Anyway, what is your priority of your life?
My friend M: I care about Housing first, then Clothing. I don’t care about Food not much.
Of course, she has great taste in things. Her home is very stylish and she has a fabulous taste in fashion. (And she is skinny!)
Me: I really care about food!!…