#200- First 14 days

Between the New Year’s Eve Party and the New Year’s Party…

I worked for an urgent project. (My editor said, “I know you're unavailable till after tomorrow, but the due date on these isn't till Thursday.”)

When I came home from the New Year’s Eve Party, I have sent some “happy new year” emails to my friends, and I updated my blog…then I worked for an urgent project until 3:30am (on the 1st)…then + then, I have sent more emails to my friends to say “happy new year” until 5:00am.

Around 10:00am I had my first breakfast of 2013. Two scrambled egg sandwiches & coffee later I went to the New Year’s Party in the afternoon.

It was a great start for 2013.

And I got a cold…And + And more work…

Two days at the Agenda Show (apparel trade show) in Long Beach for Senken-newspaper, some business meetings and some projects later… I got a flu…

One day in bed later, my flu disappeared…

So, today I was at the L.A. Fashion Market Week in Downtown L.A.

What a “first 14 days of 2013” !

#1: Many “Nice to meet you!” at the New Year’s Eve Party and the New Year’s Party.

#2: Many “How have you been?” at the Agenda Show.

#3: Many “Happy New Year! Nice to see you!!!” at the L.A. Fashion Market Week.

Today’s my fortune cookie (from my lunch at New Moon / www.newmoonrestaurants.com) said, “You will be fortunate in everything you put your hands on.”

I always bring some luck for people. When I go to empty place, many people come after me…always!

Today at the Select show (apparel trade show), when I started interview an owner of the trading company, some buyers came to the booth right away. At the Focus show (apparel trade show), same thing… when I started interview a jewelry designer, a buyer visited the booth. At a showroom at CMC (California Market Center) when I was interviewing an owner of the showroom, a buyer entered the showroom and purchased the goods… I felt like, I am a lucky charm (like a Maneki Neko / a Lucky Cat in Japan).

Anyway, I hope I can bring some luck for you who read my blog.

And, I hope you had nice first 14 days of 2013.

And + And, Happy every day to you :)

P.S. My lucky charms on the 14th are…

#1: Barbara, “the fashion queen” the co-owner of Designers and Agents (& my friend) (http://www.designersandagents.com). When I interviewed her, she made my day.

#2: Erick, “the closet comedian” at Office Depot in Downtown L.A. / Little Tokyo (http://www.officedepot.com). When I reordered my business card, he made my day.

#3: Ruth, “the best apartment manager” (& my friend) at Archstone Los Feliz (http://www.archstoneapartments.com). When I renewed my apartment lease, she made my day.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles Jan 14, 2013
Copyright © 2013 Yoko Fujimoto

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