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#200- First 14 days

Between the New Year’s Eve Party and the New Year’s Party…

I worked for an urgent project. (My editor said, “I know you're unavailable till after tomorrow, but the due date on these isn't till Thursday.”)
When I came home from the New Year’s Eve Party, I have sent some “happy new year” emails to my friends, and I updated my blog…then I worked for an urgent project until 3:30am (on the 1st)…then + then, I have sent more emails to my friends to say “happy new year” until 5:00am.
Around 10:00am I had my first breakfast of 2013. Two scrambled egg sandwiches & coffee later I went to the New Year’s Party in the afternoon.
It was a great start for 2013.
And I got a cold…And + And more work…
Two days at the Agenda Show (apparel trade show) in Long Beach for Senken-newspaper, some business meetings and some projects later… I got a flu…
One day in bed later, my flu disappeared…
So, today I was at the L.A. Fashion Market Week in Downtown L.A.
What a “first 14 days of 2013” !
#1: Many “Nice to …

#199- Hello 2013

Happy New Year!

Do you make New Year’s resolutions?
I make New Year’s resolutions every year.
My 2013 will be…

#1: Write three novels and three scripts.
#2: Write a letter to my mom every month (besides call every week). Give my love for her.
#3: Eat lunch with friends at least once a week. Give my friendship & my love for them.
#4: Keep my weight 83lbs, but eat what I want & feel happy every day.
#5: Listening to good music & mediate & eat chocolate when I am feeling down (don’t call friends when I am feeling down).
#6: Read a book every day at least one hour before go to bed.
#32: Every night, read my New Year’s resolutions before write my diary.
#33: Every morning & every night, say thank you to everything and everyone around me.

Life is beautiful… Have a beautiful 2013 to you :)
P.S. Orange, Blue and Gold are the Feng Shui lucky colors in 2013. Have some lucky colors for your life!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles Jan 1, 2013
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