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#196- My Thanksgiving Day

Tonight, when I came home, I took all my clothing off right away and I weighed myself on the scale. I gained 2 pounds from this morning. It’s good number after the Thanksgiving dinner. I am relieved to see this number… I ate slowly, enjoyed conversation and laughed so hard…so the calories of turkey & pie went to somewhere else :)

Thanksgiving dinner was fun at my friend, Suzy (Ms. Suzy Sachs / a producer ( )’s house.
Here are some episodes from today.
Episode #1: Do I need iPhone…?
I always get lost, because I am usually having fun in my car (listening music or singing songs or thinking about food or doing something I like).
Today, I decided to myself… “I am trying to be fashionably late” (as I am the punctually Japanese, I am always somewhere too early)... Last time, I was too early at Suzy’s house… That’s why I was trying to be fashionably late.
Suzy’s house is 25 miles (30 minutes) away from my place. She told me, “Come to my house at 2:00pm”.

#195- Time of gratitude

How often do you remember to express your gratitude to yourself?

Once in a while, I read my note and remind myself to feel gratitude & my soul.
I would like to share my list of my gratitude with you.
#1-I have a life.
#2-I can feel love.
#3-I have a great family (my mother and my brother).
#4-I have a lot of great memories of my late father.
#5-I have nice relatives, so I don’t need to worry about my mother and my brother in Japan.
#6-I have many great friends.
#7-I have a nice place to live.
#8-I can eat a lot of delicious food.
#9-I have a great career and job.
#10-I have a great business sense and I can do many things.
#11-I am very healthy.
#12-I have enough money to live.
#13-I have a talent of writing.
#14-I have a heart of gold (Do you remember? This year & next year FENG SHUI LUCKY COLOR is gold!).
#15-I have a bright personality.
#16-I am a quick thinker and funny (I hope people think this way too :) ).
#17-I can speak Japanese and English.
#18-I have a space (mind & place) to decora…

#194- Who are you? Who am I?

I shouldn’t open my door, but I don’t know why I opened it…

A stranger knocked on my front door at my Hollywood Apartment.
He told me, “You left me.”
Me: What? Who are you?
He: Who am I? You don’t remember me?
Me: No. You’ve got a wrong number… I mean you’ve got a wrong apartment.
He: Here is my name (he showed me his business card).
Me: I am so sorry, I really don’t know you. You’ve got a wrong person.
He: We were 8 years old, and you suddenly left me.
Me: OMG…
He: You were mad at me, and you left me.
Me: Ah aha ha… sounds like me…no…I mean…please don’t take it personally, when I was in elementary school, I moved 6 times due to my father’s business. So, I guess, I just had to leave the school right away. How did you find me???
He: Facebook.
(In my mind, I was thinking… how I can close my door as soon as possible…)
This is my dream from last night. I woke up around 1:00am… so I wrote about this dream in my dream note book.

Now I remember… I saw a dream a couple of days ago (I didn’t write it down…

#193- Spring/Summer 2013 L.A. is here!

The other day, my article for Senken-Shimbun (The major fashion trade newspaper in Japan. Similar to WWD and California Apparel News) regarding Spring/Summer 2013 L.A. Fashion Market Week came out, so now I can write about it in my blog.

Three words for it… “Words for everything”.
#1: Creative words always make people happy

David Long is a very creative & fun guy. He is my favorite T-shirts guy :)
Happily Ever After is so Once Upon A Time
Fuck Luck
What the Fuck Have You DoneLove is a drug
You’re in my inappropriate Thoughts
Lack of Passion is Fatal
I only chase drinks and dreams
Likers gonna like
These words from David are for T-shirts & hoodies of “LoveLAnd”. He has other brands, such as “The RED The WHITE The BLUE”, “Oil of LA” and “Washmill”.
David is a former fashion director for DNR (Men’s fashion newspaper). It makes sense that he is genius for words.
I am still wearing the T-shirts, “LOVE IS IN FASHION” by David (by Dirtee Hollywood). This pink T-shirts is always front row in my…

#192- Thinking of Japan…

Always…Around this time, I am thinking of Japan a lot, because my late father’s memorial day is on November 22…, and I am usually busy preparing for my winter vacation in Japan (I spend one month vacation, Christmas and New Year in Japan every year).

But, I am not going to have a vacation in Japan this year… But + Anyway, I am still thinking of Japan a lot...
For us (Japanese people), the season of fall is a special time for food, books and sports. We enjoy “Eat Play Read” in fall. Sounds like Thanksgiving in U.S. right?
October 27 through November 9 is the “Reading Week”, and November 3 is the “Day of Culture / Culture Day” in Japan.
*** And I found out about that…from this year 2012, Japanese government established November 1 as the “Day of the Classics / Classic Day (Koten No Hi)”, an anniversary to the “classics”, a wide range of arts, such as literature, music, fine art, performance art, and philosophy.
While it is not a public holiday, various forums and symposiums were held for thi…