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#191- A sense of failure or A sense of success?

The other day, I was very happy to hear about the news that Shinya Yamanaka, the Kyoto University professor, won this year's Nobel Prize in Medicine for developing induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells that can differentiate into various organs and tissues.

"The more you fail, the more opportunities will come your way. So while you're still young, make many mistakes and suffer setbacks", Nobel Prize laureate Shinya Yamanaka said at a forum organized by The Yomiuri Shimbun (Japanese major newspaper) at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Meguro Ward, Tokyo on last Friday.
He also spoke about his belief in younger generations, "You'll find success after failing about 90 percent of the time. It's the same in life and experiments. I can say this based on experience. Making a lot of mistakes when you're young is nothing to be ashamed about."
I agree with him, and I also think that it doesn’t matter about our age. "Anything is possible" in anyt…

#190- How many things do you have at home?

Ms. D (Taiwanese friend) always laughs and says (When I say “I don’t have time to talk on the phone right now, because I am cleaning my home”) to me, “Again, you are cleaning? Your home is always organized and clean, you don’t need to clean so often!”

The maintenance guy of my apartment building said to me the other day, “Your room is the most cleanest of 263 unites!” (Yes, I treat everything like myself. I don’t have any scratches on my door & wall, I treat my floor is like my face, I use book covers for my books / my books always look brand-new, etc…!)
Mr. T (my old boyfriend) said to me once, “Your book shelves are so organized and it looks much better than a book store!”
Mr. X (my old old friend, I forgot his name, but I remember his comments) said to me once, “Your things are everything so brand-new. You don’t have anything old huh? ” No… he was wrong, my couch is 14 years old, but it looks brand-new. You know why? I just treat things like myself, I take care of my things carefu…