#185- Peace vs. War?

After four hours lunch with my friend yesterday, I found out about the news that Ms. Mika Yamamoto, Japanese journalist, killed in Aleppo, Syria (Regime forces kill dozens of rebels).

Yesterday morning, my tweets were “Yes! My weight is 85lbs :) My original weight is back! Eat what I want + My breasts in good shape. Wanna lose weight? YES YOU CAN DO IT too!” and “Today, I am 200% happy :) Oh... and Happy Monday to you :) ”.

Then, my friend wrote me an email, “Yoko!! Happy Monday to you too! I laughed soooo hard when i read what you wrote on twitter today (through fb) about your breasts!! Hahahahahaahaa! Awesome! xxx”.

And I had a great lunch time with the other friend at The Americana at Brand yesterday afternoon.

At first, when I found out about the sad news, I felt so sad & stupid because I was having fun on Monday (working day for regular people) , but the other journalist died for the serious Syria Crisis & her serious career on Monday (same day)…


I have been thinking about peace and war since I heard the sad news.

Why people hate to each other?

Why people kill to each other?

Why people revenge to each other?

Why people are not happy with people who they can’t understand?

Why people can’t or don’t want to get along each other?


After so many “why”… I really think that happiness is a very simple thing.

Good food (our favorite food!), Good love (feel happy ourselves and make people happy), Good career (feel happy ourselves, help people and make people happy), Good place (to live and play), and Good things (beautiful nature & art & music & TV & films & books & fashion etc) make us very happy.

Happiness is a very simple thing. Don’t you think so?

Why don’t we just have fun each other, and why don’t we stop hating things?


So I am thinking about people who are doing fight (war)… Why don’t we (Japanese / we are not going to have war anymore / U.S. taught us peace) invite those people and have fun together in Japan? The war will disappear and the peace will arrive.

Eat good food and sleep well, happiness will come to us.

What do you think?

Oh…you know what?  For me, Los Angeles is the best place to live, so they might like L.A. too. Yes!

NO war, and YES peace please :)

P.S. After my big lunch yesterday, my weight is still 85 lbs, I am 200% happy :) Yes, happiness is a very very simple thing…!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles Aug 21, 2012
Copyright © 2012 Yoko Fujimoto

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