#182- A pop singer and I are…

The other day, I was in Pacific Palisades for shooting for TV project (at this time, I can’t talk about the details).

At the beautiful mansion with a five star ocean view, I had a fabulous day with a new pop singer Mr.T, an owner of the house Mr.H, a director Mr.L, a cameraman Mr.A, and a business associate Mr.W.


“Speak easy” and “Fuck you money” are new words for me.

Mr.H and Mr.W asked me, “You don’t know about these words?”

Me: No...I have been living in U.S. since 24 years ago, but I have never heard these words…!

So, I wrote down these words in my note book.

Then, Mr.L was laughing at me…

Me: I am a writer, I write everything. I want to learn everything what I don’t know.

Yes, everywhere is my school and every moment is also my school.


I was sitting on the deck chair under the tree and I was reading a book with a glass of cosmopolitan. Every 10 minutes, I looked over the ocean and said to myself, “Oh…what a nice day! Thank you for everything! I am very happy to live here. Oh…sunshine and ocean are so beautiful, I love my life!”

Then lunch time, I was sitting at the dining table near by the large window. Again, I looked over the ocean and said, “Oh…what a nice day! Beautiful ocean makes me so happy. I am so happy!”

The Filet mignon and salad were so delicious. Having a red wine and watching the ocean… so peaceful.

After lunch, I was taking a nap in the bed room that has a large window to see a five star view.

Oh…I don’t want to wake up…

This is my day dream at the mansion when we were shooting.


These days, we are able to get everything on online…amazing technology world!

After this shooting (within 24 hours), I am on the internet TV and You Tube with a new pop singer Mr.T. He is so cute and talented… I am going to write about him from now on for many magazines etc...

When I am ready to talk about him in my blog, I will let you know.

By the way, my day dream is still continuing…

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles July 19, 2012
Copyright © 2012 Yoko Fujimoto

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