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I am a freelance writer for newspapers,magazines as well as a journalist for TV.
I am from Tokyo, Japan and have been living in Los Angeles since 1990.

#182- A pop singer and I are…

The other day, I was in Pacific Palisades for shooting for TV project (at this time, I can’t talk about the details).

At the beautiful mansion with a five star ocean view, I had a fabulous day with a new pop singer Mr.T, an owner of the house Mr.H, a director Mr.L, a cameraman Mr.A, and a business associate Mr.W.


“Speak easy” and “Fuck you money” are new words for me.

Mr.H and Mr.W asked me, “You don’t know about these words?”

Me: No...I have been living in U.S. since 24 years ago, but I have never heard these words…!

So, I wrote down these words in my note book.

Then, Mr.L was laughing at me…

Me: I am a writer, I write everything. I want to learn everything what I don’t know.

Yes, everywhere is my school and every moment is also my school.


I was sitting on the deck chair under the tree and I was reading a book with a glass of cosmopolitan. Every 10 minutes, I looked over the ocean and said to myself, “Oh…what a nice day! Thank you for everything! I am very h…

#181- Breakfast at Figaro Bistrot

This morning, my stylish friend Marie and I had a nice breakfast at Figaro Bistrot in Los Feliz.

Figaro Bistrot is our breakfast place since I have moved to Los Feliz six years ago. (Our regular breakfast place is Le Clafoutis at Sunset Plaza since 20 years ago.)

Marie is so sweet that she doesn’t want me to drive far (to West Hollywood), and she drives to Los Feliz for me. (She is a great driver, and I am not… especially I am not good at parallel parking…ha ha…)

Great food and friend make me sooo happy :)


I always know what I want, and I always get what I want .( Oh… one thing I always don’t get what I want…“A quiet neighbor”...I just don’t know why I always get a noisy neighbor…! / If you know how to remove my noisy neighbor, please make contact with me!!!)

Anyway, it comes to food, I always get what I really want :)

My favorite menu from Figaro Bistrot is Poached Eggs with Asparagus (with Salad and Potato) & Cappuccino (with a lot of sugar! I always get gre…

#180- I love U.S.A. and American people!

Ms.R. R, the owner of SquaresVille (Vintage Store at 1800 N, Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA / in Los Feliz) had invited me to her house BBQ party on 4th of July yesterday.

Two hours of cooking (My signature sandwiches are Tuna salad sandwiches & Egg salad sandwiches / Thanks to Japanese mayonnaise!) later, I was at her party.


It was wonderful party, because Ms. R.R has many nice friends and family.

Mr.N & Ms.E told me that they have been to Japan and they love Japan. It was so nice to hear that people love Japan (my country!). Mr.N is Ms.R.R’s childhood friend since 4 years old.

I can trust people who have long time great friends.

I really like Ms.R.R, she has such a warm & kind personality. It really makes sense why her store is so popular (especially for celebrities!). Great energy attracts great energy :)

Ms.R is a nice friend of Ms.R.R. She is also sweet & funny like Ms.R.R. She gave me some great life messages today.


Foods an…