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#179- Stylish people + Stylish stuff = Stylish life

Peri Donch (who is a fashion designer of eco fashion brand, PERI /  invited me to the event at her friend (Laura)’s house for “Clothing/Food/Crafts/Jewelry/Plant SALE!” today.

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon at Laura’s house in Echo Park.

Laura (she has organic food & fashion business / siptea /  has a fabulous taste for life style. I enjoyed seeing her artistic stuff at her house.

Laura and Peri have many stylish friends, and I had a great time with them today.

Ms.M (she makes cute & stylish knitted products) talked about how she met her husband and how her parents met each other, her love stories are so romantic like a movie. I felt like, I saw a nice romantic movie today. She is a great story teller.

When I mentioned about the Iced coffee story (we, Japanese people love Iced coffee since more than 20 years ago, but when I came to U.S.A. in 1987, there was no Iced coffee in U.S.A. at that time) to Ms. M, she also talked …

#178- Summer is here, yes! (Archstone Los Feliz Version)

Today is the First Day of Summer!

Great timing:

After my stomach flu, it was the great timing that I got a nice email from my apartment manager Ms.R (If you want to read my another apartment’s story, try my post on May 5, 2012 / At my apartment in Los Feliz (Archstone Los Feliz Version) ).

*** Here is Ms.R’s email.

SAVE THE DATE: On June 20th at 4:30pm to 6:00pm - Summer Solstice with a Smoothie

Let’s get together and celebrate the beginning of summer with a complimentary refreshing smoothie from Jamba Juice.

Join us on the pool deck for a meet and greet with your neighbors all while enjoying the beautiful summer weather!

Also, we are having our Archstone Summer Break Leasing Expo. Take advantage of our great referral program. Invite your friends to experience the Archstone difference, from June 18-24, for a chance to win a $7,500 dream vacation. When they call Archstone Los Feliz home, they’ll get a $0 application fee and you’ll get a $200 rent credit. For more details, please c…

#177- Summer 2012 is here, right?

When I am working for newspaper/magazine regarding fashion show or fashion trade show, I always have to asking myself, “What month is this?” or “Am I in summer or fall?”… I sometimes confused about the season which I am in…

Last week, when I was walking around showrooms in downtown L.A. during L.A. Fall/Winter 2012 Fashion Market Week, again I was asking myself, “2012 summer is not yet, right?”

Last Monday and Tuesday, I saw many Fall/Winter 2012 fashion (clothing/shoes/accessories/hats/scarves etc), so I feel like I am ready to shop for next Fall/Winter!

By the way, when I saw many colorful 2012 Christmas Trees and many holiday gifts samples on the 12 floors at California Market Center, I really felt like in winter 2012.

The bad thing is that I got stomach flu during that week (I guess, I felt like I was in winter!)… The good thing is that (I always have a good luck for timing!) I’ve got sick after finished my article for Senken-Shimbun (Japanese major fashion trade newspaper, simi…