#175- A love letter to my mom

May 6, 2012

Dearest Mama,


I had been thinking of writing a Mother’s Day’s letter to you for a long time. Mother’s day is one week from today. Since I have received the wonderful letter from you for my birthday, I was thinking of “let’s write an impressive letter to Mama”. But, I couldn’t find the right words in the first line in my letter because I was thinking of “the impressive letter”. I am a writer, but I have not written an impressive Mother’s Day’s letter to you yet.

Since March, I have been very busy and I stayed up all night a couple of days within two months (I know, I should not stay up all night for my health, but I thought once a week is not bad, so I have been working hard), so I didn’t have time to write a letter to you with relax feeling. But I have been thinking of you and Masa-kun (note: my younger brother), and I have been thinking “I want to talk with Mama and Masa-kun on the phone”.

I always always really appreciate you. Like I can’t thank you enough with words, I appreciate you.

When I received your letter for my birthday in March, I just had read the novel “Daihitsuya” by Hitonari Tsuji about letters, so I enjoyed your letter twice much than usual. I think that the letter is nice. Especially, the letter from loved one is the best. Your two letters on my birthday are my treasure now.

Your letters show your personality, your beautiful spirit, your writing skill and your love for me, so I translated your letters into English and posted it in my blog as I told you on the phone. I have attached the copy of my blog on that day (note: My blog on March, 30, 2012 “A love letter from my mom”). I also attached the comment page (the comment is from Emi-san who is my friend. She is a celebrity manicurist. She was also impressed by your letter). I translated your letter into English right away after I received it, because I really impressed by your letter and I wanted share your letter and my feeling with people who read my blog. I wrote about your letter and your talent of writing in my blog (I mentioned about the song writing contest which you wrote a song for me and we won the contest).

Many people impressed by your letter. My apartment manager, Ms.R (who lost her mother last year. She was thinking of her mother through your letter) told me “I had tears in my eye”, the fashion designer who I interviewed for Senken-newspaper (American woman. Both of her parents have passed away) has sent me an email said, “It is absolutely the most loving and warm letter I have ever read, it gave me tears in my eyes”, my friend, Ms.M (who is Swedish) has sent me an email said, “I had tears in my eye”, and my friend who owns the fashion showroom, Ms.L has sent me an email said, “Your mom is nice”.

You are my proud mom!

Mama, always, always, thank you!!! Thank you for being my mom. Thank you for thinking of me always, always. You are my number one mom in the world. I am really proud that I am your daughter.

Once in a while, I am thinking about the day when we were in Urawa. When I was a little girl, you rushed into the kitchen and washed my legs in the kitchen sink because I spilled hot tea on my legs. I think that it was a miracle, because there is no scar on my legs from the burn. I really appreciate your care.

I am also thinking about the day when we were in Furukawa, when the neighbor brought the pan with hot water to our home entrance. The neighbor was almost spill the hot water into my head. Thank god, you screamed to the woman, so I was able to escape from the burn. What if you didn’t scream to the woman at that moment, I probably burned my head and face. I really think that your luck protects me.

When we were in Higashimurayama, you always walked to the train station for me (note: for my safety) and we walked to home from the station together at late night. You rescued me from the man who almost kidnapped me. I really feel that I am safe and protected by you.

I appreciate your support when I was in Newport Beach. When I was in sad time, you always gave support by phone. Thank you!!!

I can’t thank you enough. Really, really, thank you.

Sometimes, I am thinking like, “if Mama will be gone…” I know we are human, so everyone will be gone someday, but I feel sad when I think of that you will leave me someday.

I always don’t mention to you, because I feel embarrass about it. But I admit it...when I say good-bye to you and Masa-kun at the Narita Airport (note: Tokyo International Airport), twice…when I passed the gate and the airplane was leaving Japan, I always have tears in my eye. It feels like I say good-bye to you for forever.

Life is short, so I wish I could be near by you and live together. But I am not good at Japanese society and I would like to have a career in the worldwide market, so I would like to live in U.S.

But, I believe in us, we are always connecting to each other even though we live apart.

On Mother’s day, I was going to send you some caramel covered marshmallows, but I am not able to do it. I am sorry.

When I have time, I will send you some delicious food.

Please live longer for me and Masa-kun!!!

Please take care of yourself. I look forward to seeing you! I will call you on Mother’s day.

Take care,


Did you call your mom or write a letter to your mom?

If your mom is not on the earth, but your mom is always with you. Your mom is thinking of you from the heaven.

Happy Mother’s day to you.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles May 12, 2012
Copyright © 2012 Yoko Fujimoto

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