#173- My “Sunset Boulevard”

The other day, I watched 20/20 “Sunset Boulevard (–An Unprecedented Ride Down One of the World’s Most Famous Boulevards, Starring the Real Life Dreamers, Lovers and Killers That Call It Home —)” on ABC TV.

“Sunset Boulevard” … “Sunset Strip”… When I was acting at The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in West Hollywood, I was also acting (partying) in West Hollywood, of course, I was on “Sunset Boulevard / Sunset Strip”.

Roxbury nightclub, Roxy nightclub, Rainbow Bar & Grill… oh…many ”What a night !” moments at that time.

We (with my friends) went to many clubs, restaurants and shops on Sunset Boulevard at that time. While I was watching this special edition of 20/20, my memories of “my days of a party animal” came back to me. I had a fabulous time with my friends at that time.

The fabulous time of Sunset Boulevard ended when I started working at Entrepreneur Media Inc./ Entrepreneur Magazine in Irvine, CA as a staff writer… for my another dream “green card”.

Anyway, I didn’t know about the danger of the side street (behind this famous strip)… thank god… I didn’t go to the side street at that time… there are gangs and killers???

What a tragedy… “The Hollywood beauty turned runaway, dying to be loved, her body dumped off Sunset, and, in a gripping police investigation, her killer caught on tap”…

Tonight, I was on Sunset Boulevard (Sunset Strip) for my friend, Kimberly’s birthday party at Rainbow Bar & Grill.

*** She is the best: Kimberly is the sweetest & stylish friend of mine. She is the best PR person in town (She is an owner of PUREconsulting at www.pureconsultinginfo.com). She is so kind and professional. I met her in Las Vegas for the fashion event long time ago, I am so glad that I have her as my great friend.

We had a great party. Yes, there are still many dreams and happy energy on Sunset Boulevard :) With Kimberly, Erika, Luke, David, Sara, Kendra, Mark, Shauna etc…

*** Love is in Fashion: Tonight, I was wearing my favorite pink T-shirts “Love is in Fashion” from Dirtee Hollywood (www.dirteehollywood.com). Yes, the owner of Dirtee Hollywood, David was with us.

David: Oh…you are wearing Dirtee Hollywood T-shirts! I will get you one again!
Me: Yes, please! Dirtee Hollywood rock!

*** Sunset Boulevard is…: Erika (She is also the great PR person in L.A. like Kimberly)’s boyfriend, musician Luke Tierney was with us. He explained about Sunset Boulevard to me tonight. Of course, he knows many things about this street, because he is a musician + he lives close to Sunset Strip.

He plays with THE PENFIFTEEN CLUB, SILVER JET, THE PLAYING FAVORITES and ABANDONED POOLS. His website is at www.JuneAppleMusic.com.

Am I a great PR person like Kimberly and Erika?

*** A little scoop of tonight: Cyndi Lauper was near us. She was shooting for a reality TV show at the table at Rainbow Bar & Grill!

I had a Tom Collins, Vegetable pizza and Shrimp & Avocado Salad (The Birthday girl, Kimberly treated me a drink & pizza!), it was so nice night with great friends.

“Happy Birthday, Kimberly! You have many happiness & dreams ahead like Sunset Boulevard.”

Life is about happiness & dreams. Life is beautiful :)

P.S. My favorite destination for driving is “Sunset Boulevard from Hollywood to Pacific Ocean”. My mother and my brother from Tokyo, Japan love this street as well. I really think that Sunset Boulevard has many dreams for many people.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles April 29, 2012
Copyright © 2012 Yoko Fujimoto

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