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#173- My “Sunset Boulevard”

The other day, I watched 20/20 “Sunset Boulevard (–An Unprecedented Ride Down One of the World’s Most Famous Boulevards, Starring the Real Life Dreamers, Lovers and Killers That Call It Home —)” on ABC TV.

“Sunset Boulevard” … “Sunset Strip”… When I was acting at The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in West Hollywood, I was also acting (partying) in West Hollywood, of course, I was on “Sunset Boulevard / Sunset Strip”.

Roxbury nightclub, Roxy nightclub, Rainbow Bar & Grill… oh…many ”What a night !” moments at that time.

We (with my friends) went to many clubs, restaurants and shops on Sunset Boulevard at that time. While I was watching this special edition of 20/20, my memories of “my days of a party animal” came back to me. I had a fabulous time with my friends at that time.

The fabulous time of Sunset Boulevard ended when I started working at Entrepreneur Media Inc./ Entrepreneur Magazine in Irvine, CA as a staff writer… for my another dream “green card”.

Anyway, I d…

#172- BBQ Birthday Party at the Treehouse in Hollywood Hills

Since Monday, I had only four TV dramas (Gossip Girl & Smash & Ringer & Revenge), meals and work, but I was having fun with my projects.

And, today I had a fabulous day at my fabulous friend, Erika’s BBQ Birthday Party at her treehouse in Hollywood Hills.

Erika lives in the cute treehouse (guest house next to the house of the landlord). She has such a nice taste for everything. Fashion, Hairstyle, Interior, Book, Art, Music and Boyfriend (musician, Luke) etc…

The house (including her house) & garden encircled by trees and flowers. It was so peaceful to being there. I really had a great time at her party.

Great friends + Great food & drink + Great conversation = Perfect party

The invitation message said, “BYOM- bring your own meat :) Afternoon drinking, BBQing and corn-hole! And of course, any extra booze will stoke the party”.

Sweet 1 / My friend, Kimberly: Erika’s direction was great, but my driving was not great… I got lost! Her place is 10 minutes away from my …

#171- “Am I an ANGEL?” ... during L.A. Fashion Market Week

Today (April 5, 2012 in Japan), my article (About L.A. Fashion Market Week) came out in Senken-Shimbun (Major fashion trade newspaper in Japan, similar to WWD or California Apparel News).

I always translate the article into English from my Japanese to people who I interviewed with (I also send the copy of Senken-Shimbun to people from post office). It’s just my appreciation to people who helped me and provided the great information for readers in Japan.

This translation, I would like to share it with you as well.

You know what I am talking about (If you want, please read my old post on March 19, 2012, “Am I a BITCH?” … during L.A. Fashion Market Week).

The translation is rough. If you have good English, please edit (read) it yourself :)


On April 5, 2012 (in Japan)

Rapid increase “ECONOMY FASHION”
L.A. Fall Fashion Market Week

Popular clothing is wear at will

By Yoko Fujimoto, writer in Los Angeles

2012 Fall L.A. Fashion Market Week held in Los Angeles Fashion…