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#167- What I Learned from the Japan Disaster

Time goes by fast. March 11th is coming soon…

Last summer, I wrote an essay about Japan. I would like to share my essay with you.


What I Learned from the Japan Disaster
by Yoko Fujimoto
August 3, 2011

One sunny winter day in late 2009, I was on the way to L.A.X. to visit my family in Tokyo, Japan, and I was talking with a taxi driver. “Are you Japanese?”, “Yes, I am. How about you? Where are you from?”, “I am from Iran. Are you married?”, “No, I am not”, we talked about our lives in U.S.A. for a while. As he mentioned how Japanese women are nice, I said to him, “I hate Japan and I love America, that’s why I am living in L.A.”, suddenly he sounded very upset and said to me, “Don’t talk like that about your own country. You should respect your country.” I thought that he was rude and he shouldn’t talk like a Japanese man (Like “I am always right” attitude), because he doesn’t know about me, and I am a customer (In Japan, the customer is always right). So, I said to him, “Oh, y…

#166- About the Super Bowl

My first Super Bowl Party was in 1991 at someone’s (I don’t remember who was…) house in Marina Del Rey.

At that time, I had no idea about the “SUPER BOWL”…my friend, Ms. A invited me to the “Super Bowl Party”. I thought, “Something is SUPER, sounds great!”

My answer was, “Of course, I am coming with you!”

And then, my first reaction at the Super Bowl Party was, “Why people are watching TV , and why they aren’t socializing?”

I realized, after some chips & salsa and some fried chicken…What the Super Bowl is.

Since then, I have never learned about the rules of football or the history of the Super Bowl.


Today, I watched NBC TV from 3:00pm until 7:15pm. Yes, I watched the Super Bowl XLVI, the Super Bowl Halftime Show and Super Bowl Commercials.

First of all, I was on the side of New England Patriots (the reason: Tom Brady is the cutest in NFL), but my instinct for a winner team was New York Giants (the reason: the head coach of New York Giants seemed very calm, but the head co…