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#165- An amazing baby shower!

Between “Jet lag (I got back from Tokyo, Japan 10 days ago)” and “L.A. Fashion Market Week (interviewed fashion designers, showroom owners, and trade show directors etc / talked with friends / dinner with friends / wrote an article for Senken-newspaper)”, I shopped at the BabiesRUS and prepared for my friend, Keasha’s baby shower on the 21st, Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday, 21st, in the morning:

I was almost going to tweet, “Shower rain (we had rain in this morning) + Baby shower = Happy Saturday :)… but, the sunshine showed in the sky.


In the afternoon at Galia(Keasha’s mom)’s house:

It was an amazing baby shower. There were a lot of foods!!!

Yes, food is most important key of my happiness!

I said to Ms. C (Keasha’s relative), “Wow…I didn’t expect to have a dinner! The baby shower has usually finger food, cake and tea. OMG…it looks like the Thanksgiving dinner!!!”

Ms. C: Ahhaha! Black baby shower is different from the white people’s baby shower.Black people will have a lot of fo…

#164- Japan is doing well!

Happy New Year to everyone!

I had a great vacation in Japan for 40 days until yesterday. Especially, I had a personal driver (my younger brother), two personal chefs (my mom and my younger brother), a house keeper (my mom), an ATM machine (my mom and my younger brother gave me cash, and they spent a lot of money on me), and a tour guide (my younger brother).

As you know, Japan is still in radiation dangers at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, but I didn't feel scare of it, and I ate a lot of food from Japan.

When I stepped into the land of Japan, I totally forgot about radiation dangers. My stomach (I love sushi and meat!) beat my brain (to be honest, I was afraid of radiation before I leave for Japan, and I didn’t want to eat sushi or meat from Japan).

I ate sushi (and sashimi / raw fish), rice (Japanese rice is the best!!!), bread (Japanese bread is the best as well), vegetable, meat, fish… seafood pizza, hamburger steak (similar to meatloaf), okonomiyaki (a Japanese pancake co…