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I am a freelance writer for newspapers,magazines as well as a journalist for TV.
I am from Tokyo, Japan and have been living in Los Angeles since 1990.

#161- Fashion+Food+Music+Book+Art = A Fun Week

Many economic words, “The Wall Street Protesters”, “Top 1% of the Richest in America”, “The Proposed Tax Increase for the Wealthy”, “Neoliberalism”, “Market Fundamentalism” later, my words changed into “Dress”, “Tops”, “Jewelry”…YES, this week, I was in the L.A. Fashion Market Week in downtown L.A. and I enjoyed the party at Fred Segal (RON ROBINSON’s store) on the 20th, Thursday night.


At the L.A. Fashion Market Week (Oct 17th-20th):

I always have fun during the L.A. Fashion Market Week.

As usual, I visited many fashion trade shows, showrooms, fashion show and I interviewed many fashion designers, jewelry designers, owners of brand, owners of trade show, owners of showroom, buyers and PR people of brand for Senken-newspaper (major Japanese fashion trade newspaper, similar to WWD or California Apparel News).

Here are some highlights from the L.A. Fashion Market Week.

*** Fashion story: My scoops are top secrets before my article comes out on Senken-newspaper, but I can share some brands info with you.

* Highlights #1: Butter by Nadia / Miracle Dress!

One size jersey dress is a signature wrap dress. This dress is able to wear 30 ways (styles)! This is the “perfect dress for recession time”. The fashion designer, Ms. Nadia Tarr was at the SELECT show and she told me, “I was a dancer, so I love comfortable and beautiful shape dress.” She is so sweet & smart like her clothing line.

* Highlights #2: Bella Luxx / So comfortable top!

I got one black top from them in August, and I wore the top and went to their booth at the SELECT show. I told them, “OMG, this top is my favorite for this fall! So comfortable and stylish! I am going to wear this one to the Fred Segal party this week!” Then, Shauna(marketing person) said, “Oh, thank you so much for sending me copies of Senken-newspaper. I am so glad that you like the top. Here are some tops for you! ” Yes, I got light grey and dark grey tops of Bella Luxx. I wore light grey top with purple pants at the Fred Segal party (my friend M asked me, “What is the name of the brand? Nice grey!” YES, I did PR!).

* Highlights #3: Lydia Marcos Designs (LMD) / Positive power jewelry!

One of a kind jewelry by handmade. The owner and designer, Mr. Mark Kahnamouie is a former designer of Chrome Hearts. Wood = Jewelry. I wrote about this brand in August on Senken-newspaper, if you want to know about them, read my old post on August 10th, 2011 in my blog. I talked to sales people at the new trade show, COEUR. I wore a red heart ring (which they gave me in July) during the fashion market week and at the party at Fred Segal. YES, I am a writer and a PR (Volunteer)! ha ha ha : )

*** Food story: When Ed (the owner of the D&A show) is here, he always treats me lunch, but I was busy with fashion show etc and Ed was busy too, so I ate lunch by myself this week.

* Highlights #1: Barg Kabob plate+Yogurt Soda=1 pound gain

On Monday afternoon, I was walking around to find the chinese noodle for lunch, but I couldn’t find it and I found the middle eastern restaurant, Lilit’s Restaurant in front of California Market Center. I love fillet mignon! I ordered Barg Kabob plate (natural fillet mignon marinated in special sauce & skewered, basmati rice, grilled tomato, grilled jalapeno, shirazi salad, humus and pita breads) and Yogurt Soda. Soooooooo gooooooood! I don’t know how many times I said to them (the owners / Lili and her husband), “Oh…so delicious!!! I love your food!!! Oh…so good!!!”

They were smiling and laughing at me, because I was saying “delicious!” over and over! Other customers also were smiling at me too. I felt like I was not eating lunch by myself. The gentleman (who gave me his business card, he was next to my table) was talking to me during I was eating. (By the way, why Iranian man always ask woman, “Are you married?” Is this question common for woman in Iran???) Anyway, I ate everything on the plate and I showed my empty plate to Lili, and she laughed at me so hard. I am sure that she didn’t think that a small Japanese woman can eat that much. I told them that I am going to write about their food in my blog.

Here is their info: Lilit’s Restaurant / 109 East 9th St. Los Angeles, CA 90015 / Phone: 213- 489-5156

* Highlights #2: Every morning during the L.A. Fashion Market Week, I ate breakfast twice (at home at 6:30am and at the trade show, SELECT at 9:00am). Oh…SELECT show has sweet breakfast! On Tuesday morning, I ate two chocolate croissants, an apple danish pastry, a blueberry muffin and a cup of coffee (with a lot of sugar and milk).

* Highlights #3: Bang - Bang Chicken and Shrimp + Strawberry Lemonade + Linda's Fudge Cake + Cappuccino = 2 pounds gain

I became friend with Yukiko-san who is a president of BEAGLE HOUSE N.Y. (She sells some popular Japanese hat & scarf brand’s products in U.S.A.). I always see her at the booth at the SELECT show and interview her (chat with her). We went out dinner first time on Tuesday night. We went to the Cheesecake Factory (during the recession, we wanted to eat reasonable dinner) at Americana at Brand. Yukiko-san recommended “Bang - Bang Chicken and Shrimp (A Spicy Thai Dish with the Flavors of Curry, Peanut, Chile and Coconut. Sautéed with Vegetables and Served over Steamed White Rice) ” and we ordered two of them. I didn’t know that they serve Thai curry. Soooooooo gooooooood!!! Amazing food and fun conversation later, we ordered two large cakes and coffees.

*** Funny moment:

I always have some funny moments during the L.A. Fashion Market Week.

This week, I met a woman (her name is Susan) in the parking lot at California Market Center. On Monday, when I parked my car, the huge car suddenly came next to my car, her car was too close to my car…I was like, “No…please don’t park your car too close to my car”. My eyes were at woman's face in the car, and then the woman backed her car and parked her car carefully next to me.

I said to her, “I am so sorry, I was worry about the scratch on my car. My neighbor hit my car in the apartment parking lot in the past, so I always watch other car next to me.”

She was smiling and we chatted a little bit. She told me, “Come to our showroom at Gerry Building”. YES, I went to see her and we had a great time with her & her friends (the owner of the showroom and staff).


At the Fred Segal (RON ROBINSON’s store) at Melrose:

Music+Book+Art, all in one at the party at Fred Segal at Melrose on Oct 20th.

Mr. Ron Robinson (the president of Fred Segal / Ron Robinson. Inc.) wrote me an email on Oct 11th, “Yoko, I do not know if you received this invitation? This is an amazing book, we are launching it on the West Coast, the cost is $1500. One of the most beautiful books on collectible guitars ever. There will be actual guitars on hand from Eric Clapton (the Blackie, which sold for $1,000,000 at auction.) Please come by and we can share a beer and listen to some music. All my best, Ron”.

This book party was for “The Guitar Collection: The Solid body '54 Edition Limited Edition by EPIC INK.”

It seems like a dream for musicians & guitar collectors, this book comes with companion book Stories, custom-made guitar case, certificate of authenticity, and signed museum-quality print.

Karen (who is a vice president of Fred Segal / RON ROBINSON) told me at the party, “We have $3 million guitar up there, so we have a security guy tonight”. Wow, one security guy was standing near by the wall (three guitars displayed on the wall).

I felt positive power from the wall! YES, I got a great power from this party.

* Highlights #1: Editor of the book!

When I arrived at the party, I asked Karen, “Which person is the editor and where is the author?” As I am a writer, the editor is the boss for us (writer/ author). I really wanted to congratulate to the editor for this book. YES, I met the editor, her name is Ms. Amelia Riedler (of becker & mayer ). She is so sweet and we talked for a while. She seems like so humble, I really like her professionalism as an editor.

* Highlights #2: Author and President/Publisher of EPIC INK

One of the authors (there are four authors), Mr. Alan di Perna was so nice to talk with me. He has such a great passion for music and writing. He told me that it took one year and a half to write his part (50 pages out of 250 pages). The President/ Publisher of EPIC INK told me that this book is his idea, it took three years to finished (published) this book. The guitar collection and the musician’s stories are a great idea for music lovers (readers).


* Highlights #3: Great painter & musician, Mr. JD Shultz was there too!

Mr. JD Shultz ( ) is a painter and a musician. He showed me some his art work in his cards, so colorful, cute and fun! I felt such a positive & fun energy from him and his art. He explained to me about his innovative use of acrylics, painted on the reverse side of plexiglas, produce images that explode off the surface. He plays rock and soul music, and he gave me a CD “Human Brother - Vision Days On The Life Ride”. It’s so nice music. I can’t stop listen to his CD since Thursday. His music gives me a great & positive power. He is a true artist. He entertains people and makes people happy in the world. I am so glad that I met him and know his paint & music.

*** Special note:

Mr. Ron Robinson has such a wonderful business, fabulous life style and nice friends & customers. He always has stylish products & party at Fred Segal (RON ROBINSON store).

I had a great time at his party again.

Visit Mr. Ron Robinson’s store and see the book at


Life is really beautiful.

I hope you are having a beautiful day too.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
October 23, 2011
Copyright © 2011 Yoko Fujimoto

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