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#161- Fashion+Food+Music+Book+Art = A Fun Week

Many economic words, “The Wall Street Protesters”, “Top 1% of the Richest in America”, “The Proposed Tax Increase for the Wealthy”, “Neoliberalism”, “Market Fundamentalism” later, my words changed into “Dress”, “Tops”, “Jewelry”…YES, this week, I was in the L.A. Fashion Market Week in downtown L.A. and I enjoyed the party at Fred Segal (RON ROBINSON’s store) on the 20th, Thursday night.


At the L.A. Fashion Market Week (Oct 17th-20th):

I always have fun during the L.A. Fashion Market Week.

As usual, I visited many fashion trade shows, showrooms, fashion show and I interviewed many fashion designers, jewelry designers, owners of brand, owners of trade show, owners of showroom, buyers and PR people of brand for Senken-newspaper (major Japanese fashion trade newspaper, similar to WWD or California Apparel News).

Here are some highlights from the L.A. Fashion Market Week.

*** Fashion story: My scoops are top secrets before my article comes out on Senken-news…

#160- Great messages from the richest 1% in America

Do you want to lose weight? If you do, read my today’s blog. You will lose a couple of pounds for sure!

I lost two pounds (now, my weight is 91 lbs. 3 pounds to go back to my original weight 88 lbs. Yeah!) within five days.

*** On last Saturday, the 8th

On last Saturday, the 8th, I got an email from the producer (Mr. N) of the Japanese major TV station, TBS TV (Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.) regarding the project for the special news program, “Hodotokushu” (similar to 20/20 or 60 Minutes) in Tokyo, Japan.

I had worked on this news program with Mr. N in the past for “Obama vs. Hillary” subject, “BSE (Mad Cow Disease)” subject, etc.

Mr. N wrote me, “This project is in urgent!!! Could you find someone who is a very successful businessman & the richest 1% in America regarding the Wall Street Protesters? And could you interview & shoot someone by the 12th, Wednesday and send us the material on the 12th?”

He knows me, I love “Urgent (Challenge) project” and I always…

#159- “The Last Message” from my English text book…

The other day, when I read my old English text book (New Horizon English Course for 3rd grade junior high school / for 15 year-old), I nearly fell off my chair.

The last chapter (Lesson 12) surprised me so much.

The reason #1: I don’t remember this chapter. Did I study about this chapter??? Is this my text book (or my brother’s)???

The reason #2: I am wondering this science fiction short story is good for children?

The reason #3: The story of atomic energy is too much for Japan now… but it’s good for everyone in this world for our future…


The title of this story is “The Last Message”. (Sounds like “THE 2012 STORY”???)

The story starts, “It happened at the end of the 20th century. People on the earth were able to talk with people on another planet by radio. The name of that planet was Friend, and it was just like the earth.”

The girl from Friend sent the message to the boy on the earth, “We know that the earth is a beautiful planet. We can watch your television programs. Thou…