#152- Yoko and the Apartment

Too much sex these days…I mean, I have been watching my DVDs (season 1-3 are video tapes and all the rest are DVDs) of TV series “Sex and the City”. I am doing marathon for 94 episodes and I feel like there are four best friends at my home (in front of my couch) everyday.

My past life, my current life and, maybe my future are all in “Sex and the City”.

“Oh…I’ve been there”, “Yeah, me too!”, “Yes, I’ve done that too…”, “Oh…I agree with you!!!”…cry, laugh, laugh, cry, and laugh…I have been enjoying myself at home with many cute & fun episodes…then, on last Thursday…the nightmare (actually, it happened in the morning at 6:50am) came to my life AGAIN (if you want to know about my other nightmares, read my old posts on June 24, 2011, Jan 23, 2011, Dec 26, 2010, etc)…!

My neighbor (who lives above me, Mr. #3**, please read the ending of my last post)’s shower water came to my bathroom’s floor. Hello Mr. #3***. F*** you again :) Do I have to hear from Mr. #3**, “You wish” like Samantha Jones (who lives in “Sex and the City”)?

By the way, I have a good ear and a good eye. Two maintenance guys of my apartment, a maintenance manager of my apartment, an another location’s maintenance manager of my apartment company and two major companies’ people (construction company and plumbing company) couldn’t find the cause of the leak until I suggested something for the water test. I can’t believe that they were almost closing my ceiling (they made a large hole above my bathtub) without complete fix the leak…but, I said big “NO” to them. I said to them, “Small amount of water leak, but this leak issue has been many time happened in the past and I am tired of it. Please fix completely perfect. (Did I mention, I am a perfectionist?)”

Most of the people think small amount of leak is not big deal…but, NOT for me. A small problem (any kind of problem) is a bad key for a big problem…really!

And…this leak issue in my bathroom is going on and off within 5 years…maintenance guys opened my walls & ceiling and closed them more than 5 times.

At this time, I told my apartment manager and maintenance manager of my apartment, “Please call and hire the expert this time and please fix this leak completely! No glue or silicon stuff…no temporary fix stuff, I want you guys to fix this leak by professional people!”

I got two regular maintenance guys of my apartment, a maintenance manager of my apartment, an another maintenance manager of other location of my apartment company, a project manager of construction company, four workers of plumbing company…total of 9 guys couldn’t find the cause, because when they tested the water at #3**’s shower and bathtub, there are no water leak to my ceiling and wall…but I have a leak problem from #3*** for sure!

Use my brain and instinct…I realized that Mr. #3** might upset with me for my complaint about his noise to him & apartment manager, so who knows…he did something “nuts things” (like me, read my last post) to against me…so I suggested to worker guys, “Could you try to pull the faucet with strong force and shake or something rough things to it. And put some water around the faucet.”

OMG…I was right! Mr. #3** is nuts than me!!! When worker guys did my way to test his faucet and run the water, the water leaked to my floor…See…I have a good ear, a good eye and a good instinct.

Please don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my apartment. And I am a very POSITIVE person (not on the paper, in person). I have a nice room (in front of pool side, on the corner of the building, and I have a nice hill side view as well), there is a fitness center, there is a nice view with a lot of flowers, trees and palm trees (I shouldn’t say too much about my great view, because this is not good for my rent negotiation with my apartment manager…manager keeps saying that “Yoko, you have a nice view. Your room is expensive than the other rooms”), apartment is in a nice area (in Los Feliz), etc.

When I was searching for apartment, I used the location map (or marketing strategy) of Trader Joe’s. Because Trader Joe’s has cute & stylish customers and most of their store locations are in nice areas, so I thought great idea to follow the location map of Trader Joe’s and find the nice apartment. And, Trader Joe’s in Los Feliz / Silver Lake located face to Gelson’s. Perfect!

(By the way, Trader Joe’s is not my store anymore…I have a great reason, but I shouldn’t write it in here…if you want to know about my reason, please write me, I can give you a story for free.)

In general…apartments are great on the paper (or photos), but not good in some condition or situation…sounds like meeting men, huh? (Or meeting women?)

Oops…I think, I am writing a bad energy story…again…I will go back to watch “Sex and the City” and when I am in a good mood next time, I will write a fun post :)

Or…should I write columns about my apartment’s story, it will be a “Yoko and the Apartment”.

Anyway, for you, enjoy your new week :) I am sure that yours will be fabulous than mine.

P.S. Please wish me luck with my trouble with Mr. #3**. By the way, I am talking to my bed room’s ceiling and my bathroom’s ceiling, “Thank you Mr. #3**. You are my nice neighbor. Thank you for being my neighbor. Thank you. Thank you. God bless you.” (Sounds like “The Secret”…right? I am trying anything for my fabulous life.)

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
July 10, 2011
Copyright © 2011 Yoko Fujimoto

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