#150- L.A. Fashion market week + Sushi = Happy work week

Walk, Talk and Laugh:

This week, during the L.A. fashion market week in downtown L.A., as usual I walked, talked and laughed a lot. I went to many trade shows (Select, Transit, Focus, D&A and Star Trade Show), fashion shows and showrooms.

I talked with Joanne (who is a vice president of California Market Center), Audrey (who is a PR person at the California Market Center), Yukiko-san (who is a president of Beagle House), Barbara (who is a co-owner of trade show, D&A ), Neely (who is my great friend and a fashion director), Toshi-san & Hitoshi-san (of premium hats company, River up), Liza (who is an owner of the showroom, Liza Stewart at California Market Center), Tony-san (who is my great friend and a president of Jameric Japan Inc. / Tony-san made True Religion big trend in Japan and he has many projects at this time), Karen (who is a vice president of Ron Robinson at Fred Segal) and many more (my articles are not on the paper, Senken-newspaper yet, so I can’t write details, especially about the designers and brands).

I always have fun at the L.A. Fashion market week!

Highlight in the morning on Tuesday…I had a nice morning coffee with Yukiko-san from N.Y. We talked a lot about Japan disaster. It was so nice to share our feelings as Japanese.

Highlight in the afternoon on Tuesday…Neely and I always laugh together!!! We are telling to each other, “You are so funny!!!” She was in the booth at the D&A for her business, “Blondes Make Better T-Shirts” (sorry, again, I can’t write detail, because my articles are not publishing yet on Senken-newspaper). This brand has many funny jokes on T-shirts and Neely read each jokes for me. OMG…my makeup melted!!! I laughed so hard.

I can share with you three jokes on T-shirts, “Save the fjords give a blonde a place to hang out”, “Save the blondes too many animals are dyeing out” and “in case a loss, please return to Lise 718 E 18st #3, New York, NY 1003” (this note with keychain attached to a house key). Ha ha ha!!! The keychain joke is so funny!!!

For me, I sometimes forget a key at my door, I mean when I get home I hang my house key outside at my front door and don’t notice for a couple of hours (my mother always warn me, “Be careful!!!”). I should tell the designer or Neely, “Why don’t you guys make a Japanese Make Better T-shirts also”.


Three miracles:

I had three miracles during this week.

#1- I am almost done with my perfume bottle and in my mind, “Oh…I need to buy a new perfume”, and I went to the Star Trade Show at the L.A. Face Mart (Korean fast fashion mart), and went to LA VIEN BEAUTE, INC (at L.A. Face Mart), then Eun Young Choi (who is a president of LA VIEN BEAUTE) gave me two of Source D'Amour Fragrance Sticks (from France). I have a good nose = Yes, I got nice scents :)

#2- During I was driving, I broke my nail with a steering wheel, I don’t know why happens (I am Japanese, yes, we are not good at driving)?

I always have many kits in my car (emergency kits, beauty kits, etc), but I didn’t have a nail clipper with me…in my mind…“Should I buy a nail clipper or a nail file? I hope California Market Center has a store for that ”…then I was talking with Sophie of Sophie Monet at the Select Show, Audrey came up to me and said, “Yoko, you should come back around 1:00pm, we have a free manicure service 1 to 4!”, I said to her, “Oh, Audrey, thank you so much for telling me that. Look at my nail, I broke it in my car right now, great timing!!!”. I got a nail done (gold! Remember, gold is a Feng Shui lucky color for this year).

The manicurist (I can’t write her name in this blog, confidential) is usually working for celebrities. She told me, her clients are J.Lo , Heidi Klum, etc. I got lucky!!! I have a good intuition (before look for a nail clipper, I went to work) = Yes, I got nice gold nails :)

#3- I am always craving sushi when I am in downtown L.A. In my mind, “Oh…I want to eat sushi…” then, Tony-san called me and said, “Yoko-san, do you want to have a dinner with me at Sushi Gen?”…“Yes, yes, yes!!!” Tony-san is always treating me sushi at Sushi Gen. I always have a good appetite = Yes, I ate a lot of sushi :)

L.A. Fashion market week + Sushi = Happy work week :)

I hope you are having a great week too.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
June 16, 2011
Copyright © 2011 Yoko Fujimoto

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