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#151- Are you nuts? (Yes, I am)

When I bought a car 10 years ago, I didn’t deal with a regular car salesman. I made a deal with a fleet manager, because I didn’t want to purchase a car which some customers touched or tried. And a fleet manager has a power, so I made a great discount deal without a nasty negotiation.

The fleet manager told me, “we just got 20 cars this morning, you can inspect and choose your car from here!” Yes, I got a perfect one at the time, and my car still looks like a brand-new car :)

(By the way, in Japan, they don’t sell a brand-new car which customers touched or tried.)

Anyway, I always check or inspect the product before and after shopping (check twice).


Low standard:

At the Ta****, I bought a DVD of “The September Issue” (I usually don’t purchase CD,DVD or book at the Ta****, but it was $10, so I just got it). It was mistake!!! There was a small hole on the package of the DVD. NO WAY!!!

So, I went back to the Ta**** and I returned the DVD (mine was the only one good condition on the…

#150- L.A. Fashion market week + Sushi = Happy work week

Walk, Talk and Laugh:

This week, during the L.A. fashion market week in downtown L.A., as usual I walked, talked and laughed a lot. I went to many trade shows (Select, Transit, Focus, D&A and Star Trade Show), fashion shows and showrooms.

I talked with Joanne (who is a vice president of California Market Center), Audrey (who is a PR person at the California Market Center), Yukiko-san (who is a president of Beagle House), Barbara (who is a co-owner of trade show, D&A ), Neely (who is my great friend and a fashion director), Toshi-san & Hitoshi-san (of premium hats company, River up), Liza (who is an owner of the showroom, Liza Stewart at California Market Center), Tony-san (who is my great friend and a president of Jameric Japan Inc. / Tony-san made True Religion big trend in Japan and he has many projects at this time), Karen (who is a vice president of Ron Robinson at Fred Segal) and many more (my articles are not on the paper, Senken-newspaper yet, so I can’t write detai…

#149- Angela Lindvall on Numero TOKYO July/August 2011 issue

On April 17th, I was at the house of Angela Lindvall who is a super model & actress in Los Angeles. That day, I was still in shock about the disaster in Japan (Japan earthquake and tsunami), but I had a great time with her and shooting crew (from France and N.Y.) of Numero TOKYO.

I really felt that Angela is a beautiful (inside and out) and a down to earth person. She asked me, “How is your family in Japan (regarding the disaster in Japan)?” She is so nice and sweet to ask me about it. Her children are so cute!!! I was so happy on the way back in my car, to remind of their sweet & cute smile faces (see magazine, Numero TOKYO).

So peaceful! Her house (7 acre) has 60 fruits trees (orange, lemon, plum, cherry, guava, avocado, pineapple, almond, fig, apple, etc), a farm (there are 10 kinds of organic vegetables) and many flowers. There were bird’s sounds and the fresh smell of spring. I felt so peace and positive energy at her house.

The interview with Angela was for a cover girl …