#146- At the Easter dinner party

*** Time goes by fast.

It’s Easter already.

Last year, I was at my special friend, Keasha’ mom (Galia)’s house for Easter dinner party, and a magnitude 7.2 BAJA earthquake hit us in the afternoon.

Today, I was at Keasha & John’s house for Easter dinner party. I very appreciate that Keasha always includes me in her family events. I feel very honor to be in her family events.

Especially, around this kind of time (during the hard time for Japan disaster of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crises), I am very glad to be with them.

Since March 11th, I have not been going out (except for work/magazine shooting & interviews) and I have been trying to stay at home (actually, my friend, Emi-san visited me for tea the other day), because I would like to respect people in Japan and mourning them who passed away in Japan disaster.

In Japan, our custom (Japanese custom) have a memorial service (Buddhist service) held on the forty-ninth day after a person's death, because the forty-nine days after death is a period when the soul wanders between this world and the next (or heaven).

I (or we, most of Japanese people) don’t have a religion, but our custom and events held with Buddhism (but, we celebrate Christmas like Christian as well / and I had roll cakes for Passover this year), so I wanted to be quiet, silent, calm, still and peaceful at my home by myself for a while.

Keasha is so nice that she understands me well.

Keasha, John (Keasha’s husband), Keasha’s mom (Galia) and John’s mom (Berthann),etc …everyone concern my family and people in Japan. They are so sweet and nice family.

When we (16 of us) were ready to eat, we stood in a circle hand in hand and pray (speech by Keasha’s mom’s partner, Ernie). It was so wonderful to connect to each other before dinner. So spiritual and warm.

Food was amazing as usual! Two pounds of food I ate within a couple of hours.

Roast turkey, Stuffing ,Salmon, Ham, Fried plantains, Bean’s rice, Vegetable Gratin, Collard Greens, Macaroni & cheese, Potato salad, Fruit salad, Bread, Deviled eggs, Cheery pie, Apple pie, Apple cider, Grape cider…

I always enjoy seeing the egg hunt. Johnathan (Keasha and John’s son) and Ethan (Keasha’s cousin’s son) are so cute, running around and looking for eggs. It was very peaceful and I felt so peace in my heart.

*** Life is so short.

I took many pictures of them today, because only one moment for each of our life.

Since March 11th, I really think that life is so short and I really appreciate my family and friends.

Family, Friends, Food and Love. Yes, life is so beautiful.

I hope you had a nice Sunday. Happy Easter to everyone :)

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
April 24, 2011
Copyright © 2011 Yoko Fujimoto

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