#143- Don’t cry…smile please

At my home in L.A. / I was on the phone with my mother in Tokyo, Japan:

Me: Mama, how are you? Are you guys ok?

My mother: We are fine. Don’t worry!

Me: I heard that radiation reached around 20 times normal levels in Tokyo…please come to my home in L.A.

My mother: Thank you, but as I told you yesterday, I can’t be selfish. Japanese government and people are working hard and many people have been patient, I can’t leave these people behind.

Me: Waaaaaaaa…wah…waaaaaaaa…wah…waaaaaaaa…

My mother: Please don’t cry. We are ok.

Me: I am sorry, I am crying, but I can’t help it…Waaaaaaaa…

My mother: You are going to the fashion market week this morning, right? Drive safely and have a great day.

Me: Waaaaaaaa…wah…waaaaaaaa…wah…waaaaaaaa…If we can’t see each other…what should I do??? Waaaaaaaa…wah…waaaaaaaa…wah…waaaaaaaa…

My mother: Yo-chan(My nickname), I am not in North Korea, don’t worry. We can see each other again soon!

Me: Waaaaaaaa…wah…waaaaaaaa…wah…waaaaaaaa…

My mother: Don’t cry, please smile…I love your smile…You always have a nice smile.

Me: I am sorry. I am the one who I have to cheer you up…

This conversation was in this morning when I was leaving my home for work.


At the L.A. Fashion Market Week:

Many people asked me, “How are you? How is your family in Japan? Are they ok?”

Mr. Ed Mandelbaum (the co-owner of D&A / the fashion trade show): Yoko, you look beautiful today!

Me: Oh…you are so kind…but, come on…! Look at my eyes…My eyes are all puffy.

Ed: Really, you are beautiful. Oh…you know what, I can send you a nice story from the the School of Practical Philosophy by email. Yoko, when you go home, please read it and please don’t think too much.

He sent me a nice story by email tonight. It’s a nice story, I would like to share it with you.



There once was a King who offered a prize to the artist who would paint the best picture of peace.

Many artists tried. The King looked at all the pictures, but there were only two he really liked, and he had to choose between them.

One picture was of a calm lake. The lake was a perfect mirror for the peaceful towering mountains all around it. Overhead was a blue sky with fluffy white clouds. All who saw this picture thought that it was a perfect picture of peace.

The second picture had mountains, too. But these were rugged and bare. Above was an angry sky from which rain fell, and in which lightning played. Down the side of the mountain tumbled a foaming waterfall. This did not look peaceful at all.

But when the King looked further, he saw behind the waterfall a tiny bush growing in a crack in the rock. In the plant a mother bird had built her nest. There, in the midst of the rush of angry water, sat the mother bird on her nest… a picture of perfect peace.

Which picture won the prize? The King chose the second picture.

Why? “Because,” explained the King, “peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. Peace means to be in the midst of all those things and still be calm in your spirit. That is the real meaning of peace.”

Author Unknown
By The School of Practical Philosophy


Peace is in the air, we can feel peace anytime,anywhere…right?

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
March 15, 2011
Copyright © 2011 Yoko Fujimoto

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