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#139- Am I bitch or smart???

Since last month (on December 22) I have been in trouble with my apartment (if you want, please read my old blog on Dec 26, 2010).

Finally new wall and new window installed in my bed room on January 21. Thank god…it took a month to have a normal / perfect life.

Just proud of myself that I finished my novel (in Japanese) during this bad condition (I made great feeling for writing with peaceful meditation, nice food, beautiful flowers and tasty nigori-sake!).

Yes, I was in a bad condition…I didn’t have a blind in my bed room for a month (I had a vinyl sheet cover for the wall and window in my bed room), which means I couldn’t open my window in my bed room for a month.

And I had a path of the paper sheets (pink! ha ha ha ) from the front door to the bed room(as you know, I am a clean freak plus a little bit OCD, no shoes in my place, even though people were wearing shoes covers, I had this extra protection with paper sheets’ path in my place).

******** Am I bitch? :

Almost every day(ex…

#138- Happy New Year!

Fresh air from the window, fresh flowers in my every room, fresh glass of water, fresh a cup of coffee and fresh me…I love the feeling of fresh morning, especially on the New Year’s morning.

On the first day of the New Year, waking up great feeling, being fresh, oh…such a wonderful feeling! Clean home with 2011 calendar, 2011 schedule note book, 2011 food diary, diary of 2011 and 2011 me…I love the New Year.

How is / was your morning on the first day of January 2011? Happy New Year!

2011 Feng Shui Lucky Colors (this info is from Feng Shui master, Mr. Sachiaki Kobayashi in Japan) are gold, green and lavender. Have some lucky color for your home and fashion. Good luck with 2011 to you!


By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
January 1, 2011

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