#136- No more paper cards = smart :)

This morning:

Suzie: I am baking more than 200 of biscotti right now.

Me: Wow!!! Sounds so goooooood!

Suzie: These are Christmas gifts for my kids’ school teachers and friends. I have many people to thanks for this year.

Me: Oh…Nice!!!

Suzie: I am baking and putting chocolate with love. Each one, I am thinking of people who I give these biscottis.

Me: That’s so sweet!!! Oh…so I will let you go(we were on the phone.)

Suzie: Oh…no problem. I can talk to you right now and at the same time I am doing it (working on biscotti). I am going to give these to you this Saturday when we see each other.

Me: So…I will let you go.

Suzie: It’s all right. I can talk.

Me: No…I meant, you shouldn’t talk over the biscotti. I don’t want you to put your spit in biscotti…

Suzie: OMG…you are so OCD, but good kind of OCD. ha ha ha! Don’t worry, I am not talking over the biscotti right now.


This afternoon(11:30am-6:00pm):

I wrote 285 emails to friends as my holiday greeting cards.

Recently, I stop writing holiday cards to friends, instead of that I am sending emails with holiday greetings to friends.

In my email, I wrote a message, “I am doing eco-thing, so no more paper card :) …xoxo”

And I have already received so many replies and greetings from friends by email(of course!).

And some nice /funny / cute replies are:

"Thank you so much!! I think you're Great!!"

"all for the eco-thing, Thank you so much!!!!"

"it's good to be green!"

"You are such a good girl!"

"non paper is so much better!"

"Great idea, Thank you Yoko."

"No more paper cards = smart!!!"

"Happy merry to you too! (like paperless, high-tech approach)"

" 'I am doing eco-thing, so no more paper card :) …xoxo' Sound like you are being very responsible!"


I think, paperless thing is such a great / sophisticate excuse for saving money on holiday cards…(who is going to say, “you are so cheap” ??? right?)

One time, when I was in college, I skipped some classes for two days and wrote many New Year’s cards to friends. It was fun, but my mother said to me at the time, “You are working hard like a real job!” ha ha ha!

So many years, during the time/ writing holiday cards by hand, I always had hot chocolate and listening Christmas songs. There were many fun memories…

But…you know what, today I wrote each email with love (like Suzie did for biscotti), so I am sure that my people (285 people) received many love, luck and happiness from me.

And, to you too.

Happy Holidays!

Have a wonderful holiday season.


P.S. I am doing eco-thing, so no more paper card :) My eco concept is perfect on this blog page…xoxo


By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Dec 14, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Yoko Fujimoto

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